Heart Chakra

Anahata Chakra The fourth chakra is the Anahata Chakra, is commonly known as the heart chakra. It is the midpoint of all the chakras and is known as the connecting chakra too, since it connects the higher chakras with the lower chakras. It is the place where the spiritual aspect and the physical body meet…. [Read More]


Samadhi or Bliss, is the final limb in Patajlai’s Eight Limbed Path According to Äshtanga yoga (Eight Limbed Yoga), the final destination of the seeker is Samadhi. One reaches this stage only after he has practiced all the earlier aspects of Äshtanga yoga. Although we practice the eight limbs simultaneously, we must have a certain… [Read More]


Dhyana (Complete focus) The seventh limb of Äshtanga Yoga is Dhyana. Ashtanga Yoga is “Eight Limb” Yoga and is the ancient science of disciplining the body and mind. Dhyana comes after Dharana and is part of the Antaranga Yoga or internal yoga. While Dharana is the process by which one learns to concentrate steadily, Dhyana… [Read More]