Distance Study and Financing

Yoga Course Financing

If you need financing for your studies (live or distance studies), please consider We Finance. With We Finance, you set your own loan terms and have options other than traditional bank loans.

Distance Yoga Courses

If you are ready to register for a workshop or want to find the price of a workshop, please view our registration page. From there, you can easily navigate to the details for any workshop, which will show you the price of the given workshop.

Can't make it to one of our Teacher Trainings? No problem!

We are currently offering the following home study and online programs:

Aqua Yoga Teacher Training / Instructor Certification - Distance Study Program
200-Hour CYT / Land-Based Certified Yoga Teacher Training – Online Course (digital) and Distance Study (hard copies)
Yoga for Weight Loss - Online Course
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - Online Course
Yoga Class Themes - Online Program


We offer different types of yoga distance learning courses. The differences between the home study program and the online course is the primarily in the delivery method, although some courses may differ slightly in content, in cases where the exact material is not available in hard copy or online (for example, you get a slightly different version of the anatomy video if you do the course online vs. the hard copy/distance study option). Also, please note that a few materials may be available in digital only format, so even if you order the hard copies, you may get a few materials in digital format. These are noted on each individual page that describes the courses. Please read carefully and ask questions before you purchase.

With the distance study/home study programs (hard-copy/printed), your course materials will be delivered to you via postal service media mail. However, all quizzes/exams will be administered online (but if this presents a hardship, you can print the exam and email or mail it to us.)

With the online/digital courses, you will be given access to the material through our website. If you are familiar with "BlackBoard" or other software used by colleges, our online access will look familiar to you. You will have a login id and password to access all materials (written and video) and will be able to turn in homework, take quizzes and correspond with us directly from your login.

To read more about what is contained in the specific courses, please visit our Aqua Yoga or Land Based Yoga Packages page.

If you are ready to purchase a Distance course, please see our Registration page.