White Crow Yoga School Lineage

It's important to remember our roots in yoga. If you train with White Crow Yoga, we want you to be able to trace your roots from teacher to teacher.

The teachings of White Crow Yoga are in the lineage of Thirumoolar via Guruji Dr. Asana Andiappan of Chennai, India. We are also influenced by Krishnamacharya and Desikachar. Under the guidance of Andiappan, we learned to incorporate Thirumoolar’s Ashtanga Therapeutic Yoga, which influences our teaching style tremendously. While we encourage growth and complexity in the asanas, we teach modifications, safety, and accessibility to all body types. Furthermore, our focus is not strictly on the asanas, but evenly on all eight limbs of yoga, creating an opportunity for students to grow in mind and spirit, as well as taking their physical practice to a higher level.

Learning the history, philosophy and lineage of yoga is important because to forget where this beautiful gift came from us to weaken the discipline. When this happens, yoga begins to feel 'watered down' and we risk turning yoga into a fitness modality. This is not to say we can't modify poses - because we can and we should - but we can do so while keeping the sacredness of the practice intact.

A wonderful way to learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga is to watch Yoga Unveiled - a beautifully touching film.

More about Thirumoolar's Ashtanga Yoga (source: Andiappanyoga Yoga)

Yogi Thirumoolar is a Tamil yogi who is one the main 63 Nayanars (saints) and one of the 18 Siddhars (mystic saints). Thirumoolar authored a yogic text called Thirumandiram which consists of 3000 verses, and it forms a part of the key text of the Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta. This is considered one of the best and most important scriptures in the Tamil language. Thirumoolar is one of the true yogis who explains his own journey and experiences of Ashtanga yoga, which he describes as Siva yoga. His teachings of yoga and the reference to its therapeutic benefits are reflected in Thirumoolar's Ashtanga Therapeutic Yoga.

Thirumandiram is comprised of nine Tantras. The nine Tantras consist of various aspects of human life. Tantra three explains in great details about Ashtanga Yoga, the eight limbs of yoga path. No other yogic literature or yogi has explained so much detail about the therapeutic effects of the yoga practice.