CYT and Aqua Yoga Renewal



CYT and Aqua Yoga Renewal

Both the Aqua Yoga Certification status and the Certified Yoga Teacher status expire one year from the issue date. To renew your certification, please pay for your renewal here. Then, you will need to document that you’ve completed at least 10 hours of continuing education since your last renewal (or original certification, if this is your first renewal) in anything related to yoga, such as asanas, anatomy, mind/body, chakra system, yoga history and philosophy, etc. These can be live workshops or home study, including books you’ve read for self-study.

WHY must I recertify? It is common practice in all fitness, yoga, medical, etc. to certify 1 or 2 years at a time and to have to recertify. Yoga Alliance, AEA, etc...we all do it. Why? Because we want to make sure students are staying current with their education. If you'd been teaching 30 years, some of what you learned 30 years ago we now know is incorrect. For example, we used to teach "the swoop" in yoga, but now we know it is hard on the shoulder. If someone learned that 30 years ago and then they stopped continuing their education, they would not know that we have stopped doing that due to injuries. (Think of it this way: Would you want to have a medical professional working on you who had not done any continuing ed, or would you want someone who has kept their education current?)

INSTRUCTIONS: Purchase the renewal by adding it to your cart and paying. Then, send us an email at with the the subject AQUA YOGA RENEWAL or CYT RENEWAL (whichever is appropriate) and in the email, outline how you have completed at least 10 hours of continuing education work. Once we have reviewed it, you'll be sent your new certificate (either online via pdf or via mail, depending upon which one you purchase).

If you want a hard-copy of your certificate, there will be an additional fee (click "add to cart" to see prices). If you live within the continental US, there is no shipping, but if you live outside the continental US, shipping will be added at checkout.


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