Expired Course Reinstatement


Expired Course Reinstatement

If your course has expired, there is a fee to reinstate.

How many months is my extension?

Your course basically 'starts over' again. So if you are working on a course that you were supposed to complete in 12 months, purchasing this extension buys you another 12 months.

Why is there a reinstatement fee?

#1) Because it cost us time to track courses and students. If we are only tracking 12 months worth at a time, it is much easier, but if we have to track every student as far back as our company history, it becomes very difficult to manage, especially if we publish a new website, etc.

#2) Also, when you purchase a course with Continuing Education Credits, we want to make sure you get those CECs. We sometimes decide that offering CEC's for a course with a particular vendor (ATRI or AEA, for example) might no longer be feasible for us for various reasons. We will continue to offer the course for Yoga Alliance credits, but will drop the other CEC offerings. If we didn't cap the course to 12 months, we'd have to continue to renew the CEC offering (which is expensive for us).

The course expiration dates are list many places on our website. Most are 12-month courses, which we think is plenty of time to complete a course. Please understand our need to charge a reinstatement fee and honor our small business by not asking us to waive the fee.


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