Yoga for Weight Loss

Initially, we create the Yoga for Weight Loss Workshop as an offering to our own Yoga students. We had two needs: (1) To help students who were struggling with weight loss/maintenance and body image issues and (2) To fill a timeslot on the Yoga class schedule that we couldn’t seem to keep full. What we came up with met these 2 goals and so much more. Offering this workshop is a way to truly give life-changing tools to our students. Our relationship with food is complicated and difficult for many people. If we can offer students the tools they need to get on track with a permanent solution to these struggles, we truly give them a lifeline that can improve every aspect of their lives.

As always, all of our yoga programs count as Yoga Alliance continuing education hours! You can count this program as 15 non-contact hours (15 CECs).

WHAT DO I GET WITH THE PROGRAM AND WILL I LEARN? This 37-page manual outlines a Yoga for Weight Loss Teacher Training Program that gives you the tools you need to offer a 6-week Yoga for Weight Loss Workshop. While you don’t have to be a Yogi who practices a physically challenging class, (the postures are actually gentle), the material does assume prior Yoga knowledge. For example, the workshop contains an outline of what you will teach each week to your students, and there may be a 20-minute segment that instructs you to "Teach gentle asanas" which assumes you have some background in Yoga.

You'll also receive:

  • Eight Limbs of Yoga document that you may hand out to your students
  • Yoga class theme on Empowerment
  • Yoga class theme on the Root Chakra
  • List of 100 Affirmations selected to empower and support students with food/weight issues
  • PowerPoint slide deck giving a brief overview of the program
  • Chair Yoga Class Flow - because some students may need modifications for asanas
  • Kindle version of Book: Love your Body
  • Kindle version of Book: Llewellyn's Truth About Chakras
  • In this course, you will learn to:

      ***Identify how we use the Eight Limbs of Yoga to overcome emotional overeating

      ***Explain which Chakras heavily influence emotional overeating and how we can work with these Chakras to change unhealthy patterns

      Demonstrate Loving Kindness Meditations that help students love and accept themselves and others

      ***Assess tools such as journaling, pranayama, affirmations, mantras, asanas and meditation as tools for positive change

    This Yoga for Weight Loss Teacher Training Program is designed as a guide to give you all the material you need to teach a 6-week class and includes suggestions on marketing and pricing. Each week, we suggest you teach a 75-minute class, and we outline exactly what you do during each segment. A timeline is provided, so you will know about how many minutes to spend on a given task for the workshop. Of course, you are free to vary the times as needed, but it’s nice to have a starting point.

    Yoga for Weight Loss is not about burning calories, eating less or exercising more. Everyone who struggles with weight loss has probably read hundreds of hours of material on these topics, and for many of us, these plans don’t work. That’s because most of these plans don’t address the mind/body connection. Our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are intertwined. We can’t ignore the white elephant in the room that is the emotional root of our overeating. Our Yoga for Weight Loss plan is about using the Eight Limbs of Yoga and exploring the Chakra system to help students find yogic tools to end their struggles with food and body image. It is about creating a support system and using journaling, breath work, meditation and other proven techniques for creating a more peaceful life, which, in turn, creates a happy, well balanced, positive person who isn’t tangled up in a daily struggle with food.

    While we certainly don’t want to step outside the boundaries of our Yoga training into the world of counseling, we can offer our students the tools that help them find their own emotional well-being and recovery from emotional overeating, weight loss struggles and body image issues.

    While designed for Yoga teachers, this program may also be used by individuals. Who knows…it may inspire you to begin a program in your area! Again, this program is not about the most challenging asanas; it’s about creating a peaceful life that allows thoughts of weight and food to fade into the background. How completely relieving it is for people who struggle with constant negative thoughts about weight challenges to find a solution that puts these components of life into their rightful places and allows love and personal relationships to take center stage! And what a true honor it is for us to be able to be a part of that journey.

    The workshop is written by Mary Irby, who has not only worked in the eating disorder field, but has spent many years in recovery of her own struggles with an eating disorder. This workshop comes from the heart, and we hope it helps you and your students.

    In addition to being a great offering to your students, this course makes sense from a business perspective. It’s an extremely affordable course and has the potential to create thousands of dollars of income for you. It is easily taught at a Yoga studio, in a community center, gym, hospital or other setting.

    Course Completion Process – Yoga for Weight Loss Workshop

    To complete the distance study Yoga for Weight Loss Workshop:

    • Read the material
    • Practice teaching and complete all activities in the manual
    • Pass an open book exam

    This program is currently offered as an online option only, which means there is no printed manual. Everything is 100% digital.

    If you are ready to register for a workshop or want to find the price of a workshop, please view our registration page or go directly to the distance study registration page for land based yoga programs.