About White Crow Yoga

What’s in a Name?

Crows, particularly White Crows, are cradled in symbolism. Here are a few of the reasons we selected the name White Crow Yoga:

  • Change: The crow is an omen of change; it is the totem of the Great Spirit in the Native American culture and is held with utmost respect, representing creation and spiritual strength. Crows unite both the light and the dark, both the inner and the outer. We, like the crow, need to embrace change to grow into our best selves.
  • Awareness: Crows build their nests up high, so they can pay attention to everything going on around them. This serves to remind us to bring awareness and mindfulness to our lives, observing the world around us as well as our internal beliefs and values.
  • Uniqueness:  White crows are not the norm; they stand out from the crowd. This symbolizes our uniqueness and reminds us to be our authentic selves.
  • Personal Connection: On a personal note, our founder’s great grandmother was full-blooded Native American from the Crow Nation and she was her grandmother’s Little White Crow. Read more about how the Crows in Memoirs of a White Crow Indian by Thomas H. Leforge.

Our Lineage

Thirumoolar’s Ashtanga Therapeutic Yoga 

It’s important to remember our roots in yoga. If you train with White Crow Yoga, we want you to be able to trace your roots from teacher to teacher.

The teachings of White Crow Yoga are in the lineage of Thirumoolar’s Ashtanga Therapeutic Yoga via Guruji Dr. Asana Andiappan of Chennai, India. We are also influenced by Krishnamacharya and Desikachar, with whom our founder was fortunate enough to study for a short while before his death.

Under the guidance of Andiappan, we learned to incorporate Thirumoolar’s Ashtanga Therapeutic Yoga, which influences our teaching style tremendously. While we encourage growth and complexity in the asanas, we teach modifications, safety, and accessibility to all body types. Furthermore, our focus is not strictly on the asanas, but evenly on all eight limbs of yoga, creating an opportunity for students to grow in mind and spirit, as well as taking their physical practice to a higher level.

Learning the history, philosophy and lineage of yoga is important because to forget where this beautiful gift came from is to weaken the discipline. When this happens, yoga begins to feel ‘watered down’ and we risk turning yoga into a fitness modality. This is not to say we can’t modify poses – because we can and we should – but we can do so while keeping the sacredness of the practice intact.

Learn more about Thiramoolar’s Ashtanga Therapeutic Yoga at Andiappan Yoga.

What We Believe

White Crow Yoga, LLC is committed to offering a truly different Yoga Teacher Training to our students. We offer a fun, educational, and non-judgmental environment where you can connect to your mind, body and spirit through the practice of yoga.

White Crow Yoga strongly believes that ANYONE who has felt the calling to teach yoga should have the opportunity to participate in a teacher training, no matter what their fitness level, race, religion, gender, age or dietary beliefs. We offer teacher training that will enable you to teach a variety of populations including seniors and those with health issues or physical limitations. We believe that yoga is in the heart, not in the posture. You don’t have to be able to do the most complicated yoga poses, or be the most strong or flexible person in class to be a yoga teacher. We welcome everyone!

Bottom Line – Our Program Works!

You’ll learn so much more than we could ever put into words. It’s not just about the knowledge you’ll gain; it’s about making a deep connection with your inner self and consciousness. We want you to leave our program feeling that it was the best time you’ve ever spent in your life!

You’ll be treated with respect and you’ll learn from humble teachers with compassionate hearts. No one will judge you or place any expectations upon you. We meet you where you are in your yoga journey.

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