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Welcome to our RYT300 Intensive program. Make sure you notice the arrows that at the bottom of this page to move to additional pages of content. 

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Please join our lineage study. Use coupon code ‘thiru’  (as in Thirumoolar) to get the course for free.  Lineage is important! One of my teachers in India shared his thoughts on lineage with this:

“Imagine eating only bread and water every day. At first, you may feel full and satisfied, but eventually, you will suffer because you do not have the full range of nutrients that God intended. Without lineage, you will become spiritually starved. You may look like you are practicing yoga to outsiders, but inside you will yearn for more.”

Today, especially in the West, we risk diluting yoga until it no longer resembles its origins’ spiritual tradition. Marcus Garvey reminds us, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.”

Read this document first please. (PDF)

Please click each Course Content item below and follow the instructions for each Lesson. Within some of the Lessons, you will find multiple Lesson Topics. As you complete each Lesson or Lesson Topic, please click “Mark Complete” each item as you complete it or upload homework as applicable. AFTER (and only after) you’ve completed quizzes, mark those complete as well. Quizzes are open book.

Important Notes! Please notice the gray or black arrows on the sides of the portal. These are part of the LMS plugin and they cannot be removed but are annoying. When clicking on content, scroll far enough away from them that you don’t accidentally click the arrow or it will throw you back to our home page. My apologies, but it is out of my control. Being mindful will resolve the issue. If you do get thrown back to the homepage, use your browser arrows or go to https://whitecrowyoga.com/member to see your course. You will still be logged in!

Work Order: When you enroll in the RYT300 course, you receive 5 courses in your dashboard. This course (RYT300) plus Back, Hips/Shoulder/Core, Yin and Restorative. These are all part of your course. You can work them in any order, but you might consider working those 4 courses before the RYT300 course, or at least working the other 4 prior to doing the Case Studies for the RYT300.

File Formats: Also, please submit only MP4 file formats for videos and Windows format for documents (PDF, Doc, etc)- no Apple or Mac formats please.

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