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We offer a variety of land based Yoga workshops and teacher trainings - live and distance study. If you are purchasing a distance study program, please make sure you understand the different methods of delivery - online vs. hard copies. See our Distance Courses page and our Course Comparisons page

If you are ready to register for a workshop or want to find the price or date of a workshop, please view our registration page. From there, you can easily navigate to the details for any workshop, which will show you the price of the given workshop.

We encourage you to register for workshops as early as possible to avoid the disappointment of a cancellation. Workshops that don't have enough participants 3-4 weeks before the scheduled date will be cancelled. If you register for a workshop and it is cancelled, you will be fully refunded.

We offer a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training to those who want to become instructors, those who want to deepen their personal practice and teachers who want to enhance their knowledge and/or earn the designation of Certified Yoga Teacher. A CYT credential may be important for securing teaching jobs and insurance; it may also increase confidence - both yours and your students.

As in all of our trainings, we emphasize the 8 Limbs of Yoga, so advanced practice skills are not necessary to enroll. What is important is a desire to improve your personal yoga practice and to help others find peace through yoga. We believe there is a place for everyone who is called to teach yoga, and our physical abilities or limitations shouldn’t hold us back from sharing the joy of yoga. So, whether you want to learn to teach a physically challenging class, a restorative, relaxing class or something in between, our teacher training is designed to fit your needs.

After completing our 200-hour Yoga instructor training program, you will hold the designation of CYT - Certified Yoga Teacher. You must renew every year (12 months).

HOW DO I RENEW? You can renew both CYT and Aqua Yoga Certs by clicking here.

We are honored to share your journey and help you along your yoga path as you learn the skills you need to safely, effectively spread yoga to those around you. Once you complete your certification we also recommend that you look into This is insurance coverage that you will be eligible for once certified, and is available to yoga teachers in The United States and Canada.

Our 200-Hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) program is taught as a live workshop, while our 200-Hour CYT program is a distance study option and is not eligible for Registration through the U.S. based Yoga Alliance because they do not allow ANY distance study program graduates to register. If ANY school promotes themselves as an "online RYT" or "online RYT-200" training program, this is absolutely NOT true! You can contact Yoga Alliance directly and ask them if they allow anyone to register as an RYT with online only training, and they will tell you they do not. We have found schools who are offering this, but it is not legitimate. They may give people the credential without YA knowing they are doing so with online only training, but this is a slippery slope. Even if a student doesn't know it is not legitimate to apply for the RYT (because the school wrongly told them it was valid) and the school approves them as an RYT through YA (because YA wouldn't know the school didn't do live training with them), there is no guarantee as to what would happen to that student's status with YA if the illegitimate activity were brought to light at a future date. We urge you to be careful and do your homework.

Why would a CYT ever be a good option then, since it is distance study and not live training? There are plenty of times when distance study is a good option. Unless you need to register with Yoga Alliance (YA) in the US, our distance program may be a wonderful option for you, especially if you already have live training (just not through a YA approved Registered Yoga School), can obtain local training with an instructor you trust, or have years of experience. Specific content may vary slightly between the live and distance study programs, but the general topics are the same.  How can you determine if the designation of RYT from the US-based YA is important to you or if a CYT (or a non-US based YA RYT) would serve your needs?  Here are considerations:

1) Are you planning to teach at a facility where the RYT designation is a requirement?

2) What are the goals of your training? Is it simply to learn and earn a credential, or is it important that you specifically have a U.S. based RYT designation?

3) Do you need a credential for insurance reasons? It has been our experience that instructors in Canada need a certification, but our distance study CYT has been accepted by Canadian insurance companies, so earning your CYT instead of your RYT would be an option.

4) There are other branches of Yoga Alliance (International and Canadian) that may "credential" (grandfather) you in as an RYT through their branches (non-US) if you provide proof of education and proof of your teaching hours. We've had students take our CYT distance study program with the goal of submitting their CYT from us as proof of education, along with their teaching history, to earn their RYT through a non-US branch of Yoga Alliance. It is still a registration from Yoga Alliance but simply not issued in the United States.

None of this information is to discourage you from earning your RYT or your CYT - it is simply meant to help you understand the differences and make the best choice for yourself.  Obviously, we see the value in both credentials since we offer both programs.  We are a Registered Yoga School through the U.S. based Yoga Alliance, so we obviously see the value in the standards. However, we know there are many paths to becoming a great teacher and we want to share as much information with you as possible so that you can make a decision that is right for you.

The curriculum  for our 200-hour CYT program is below.  Please visit our 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training page to read details about how the certification program works. The program includes:

Techniques Training & Practice: This portion of your training will include yoga asanas (postures) and a break-down of how to correctly, safely execute these poses. You will leave the training with a clear understanding of the benefits, modifications, safety, alignment and cues, as well as props that may be used to support each pose. You will also study Pranayama (breath practices), Kriyas (cleansing practices), meditation, chanting and mantra.

Teaching Methodology: Learn how to assist and correct your students and figure out how to communicate to your students to connect with their learning styles. Practice demonstrating Yoga techniques using the various ways your students learn and how to quickly spot and correct misalignments or ineffective/harmful yoga practices. Develop an understanding of what it takes to run a Yoga business and how to attract and retain yoga students.

Anatomy & Physiology: Includes physical anatomy and physiology (musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, nervous, digestive, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems) and the energetic anatomy and physiology systems (chakras, nadis, mudras and bandhas). Understand which muscles,joints and planes of motion are involved in specific Yoga asanas.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics: Explore Yoga history and philosophy, Yogic lifestyle choices and ethics for Yoga Teachers.

Please visit our Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) training page for more information or visit our registration page.

Earn your RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) credential by taking our 200-hour live Yoga Teacher Training program. These workshops will be offered in a few cities throughout the year. Please see more details on our Registered Yoga Teacher page.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training - Lisa Roberts of
YoYo Yoga School will be teaching a Kids Yoga Teacher Training at our Nashville school. She will be teaching Module A, which is 21 hours of training. If you are an RYT interested in earning your RCYT credential, we plan to invite Lisa back to Nashville to teach Modules B and C so that you may complete your RCYT. Detailed information about the training may be found on Lisa's website. To learn more, or if you are ready to register for our Kids Yoga Teacher Training program, check our schedule on our registration page.

Earn your RYT-500 (Registered Yoga Teacher) by completing our RYT-300 Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Wellness Specialist Course (formerly called Yoga Therapy Course). This course may be taken by those already holding an RYT-200 or students who are dual-enrolled in our RYT-200 and RYT-300 courses.Acceptance into the program may be considered for those without an RYT-200 if they have non-Yoga Alliance approved training and/or adequate experience (although these students will not be eligible for RYT-500, per Yoga Alliance rules, they will still be granted a certificate from our school). To learn more about the program, please see more details on our Yoga Wellness Specialist RYT-300 page (formerly called Yoga Therapy RYT 300), or, if you are ready to register for an RYT program, check our schedule on our registration page.

White Crow Yoga's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training will teach you to lead prenatal and postnatal students through a safe, effective yoga practice, whether in a specialty class or incorporated into your general yoga class. You'll learn about the stages of pregnancy, movements and positions that should be avoided during pregnancy and the most essential offerings in a prenatal yoga class. You'll learn 24 Yoga Asanas and Breath Practices, including steps, alignment and modifications for each pose, with photos. Our Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training course is designed to prepare you to teach a yoga class to prenatal and postnatal students. We want you to leave this course with the knowledge to teach a specialty class to this population and to be able to incorporate these students into your general population classes. Register by clicking on the blue "Register Here" icon at the top left, or learn more about the program on our Prenatal Yoga page.

Thai Yoga (also called Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Massage, or Thai Yoga Therapy) incorporates yoga asanas combined with acupressure. Traditionally, in Thailand, Thai Yoga is considered energy work, not body work. This is because Thai Yoga practitioners are not guided by anatomical structures, but by an intricate network of 72,000 sen (which refers to the energy lines or pathways) found throughout the body. The Thai Yoga therapist manipulates these energy lines to relax or stimulate the body's energy (lom). Thai Yoga is suitable for clients of all ages and physical abilities, and it can complement other yoga practices.

Because it is energy work, Thai Yoga works well beyond the physical level, but, much like many of our other yoga practices, it is also used to achieve improvements in the physical body. In Thailand, Thai Yoga Massage is used as a form of physical therapy to help patients increase their range of motion and muscular strength. Historically, Thai Yoga has influences from Buddhism, Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese medicine, and indigenous Thai medicine. We are fortunate that this healing art has made its way to the West!

According to ancient Thai wisdom, blocked energy channels result in physical ailments and health conditions. By receiving a Thai Yoga session, these blockages may be released, resulting in improvement in physical and mental conditions, and allowing us a deeper spiritual connection.

We are excited to welcome Jacob Hopkins as our Thai Yoga teacher. Jacob holds a bachelor's degree from MTSU and received his massage license in 2009. He completed a 200-hour Thai Yoga Massage program under Jon Mandeville in 2010.

Who should take this workshop?

  1. Students who are interested in learning for personal enrichment. Thai Yoga is a wonderful gift to offer a loved one! There is power in both giving and receiving Thai Yoga Massage!
  2. Massage Therapist, Body Workers, and Energy Workers who want to employ Thai Yoga into their offerings.
  3. Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists who want to offer students a few moments of pure deliciousness at the end of class/session or during a restorative practice!

To view the schedule and register for a workshop, click here.

We offer a workshop blueprint for leading Yoga for Weight Loss workshops:

Many yoga students are struggling with weight loss or weight maintenance. Their body image and relationship with food is a precarious dance that could tumble from being under control to completely out of control the next day. Use our Yoga for Weight Loss Workshop to help students gain a permanent solution to a maintaining a healthy weight and positive body image while offering you a way to create additional income as a Yoga teacher. Visit our
Yoga for Weight Loss page to find out more or if you are ready to purchase the program or would like pricing info, please visit our registration page.

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Yoga Class Theme Course

WHAT IS A YOGA CLASS THEME OR PERSONAL PRACTICE THEME? A yoga class/personal practice theme is a way to make your practice more than asanas. It's a way to immerse yourself and your students in yogic philosophy and teachings by just sprinkling in little tidbits that tie a practice together beautifully. It's a way of reminding yourself and your students that class is about more than postures and that how we act outside the yoga studio should reflect our yogic lifestyle and beliefs. It's a way to help us maintain that calm that we feel after class throughout the rest of our week.

WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT A YOGA CLASS THEME? Let’s say you take a yoga class with a specific set of asanas, taught by your favorite instructor on Monday at 6PM. There is nothing particularly stressful or particularly wonderful going on in your life at the time. You take your class and go home. You had a nice practice, but it is not memorable.

Now rewind. Let’s say you take the same class with the same set of asanas and the same instructor. Again, there is nothing noteworthy going on in your life, but this time, you are completely moved by the yoga class. You have an experience that stays with you for weeks, months, or forever. Some knowledge deep within you surfaces, paving the way for positive change. What happened?

Maybe it was a yoga class theme….

(If you are ready to purchase Yoga Class Themes, please view our registration page.)

Often times we are affected by yoga class by the message our teachers share with us. The postures and music may be great, but what creates real change for us is the opportunity to reflect deeply on an issue that is more important than whether or not we were able to fly in crow pose. These messages are often shared through class themes, where our teacher puts together a lesson and links poses, chakras, mantras, music and readings or quotes together to create a message that resonates with students, allowing deep reflection.

As teachers, we want to create the type of class that moves our students and allows them to take their yoga off the mat, but time is often a constraint. With the many demands in our lives, we may not have the extra hours it takes to put class themes together. We understand the benefits of a class theme, but finding the time to put pen to paper is difficult. Let us help you by providing yoga class/personal practice themes for you.

To read more about how useful themes can be, please see Yoga Journal’s article on the topic.

We will provide you with a Yoga Class/Personal Practice theme for FREE each week (for use in your classes or your personal practice) by signing up for our sure you check the box for the Yoga Class/Personal Practice Theme or you will only get the monthly newsletter. Yoga class themes are great for new and experienced instructors alike. It gives new instructors a blueprint and helps them find their teaching voice, while providing veteran instructors with fresh content. Make your practice more than asanas; study and teach the essence of yoga, the eight limbs, and yoga philosophy. Help yourself and your students create a deep understanding of what it means to live your yoga "off the mat". It puts an entirely new perspective on your practice and/or your teaching.

To receive your FREE Yoga Class/Personal Practice Theme every week via email by joining our newsletter. These themes can be used as a guide to classes you teach or for your own personal practice. If you'd like to read some of our past weekly Yoga Class/Personal Practice Theme offerings, please visit our newsletter sign up page.

If you can't wait 26 weeks to get 26 Yoga Class/Personal Practice Themes, you can purchase the first volume of 26 yoga class themes for only $9.99. Having these themes ready to go is a true time saver for busy teachers! If you are ready to purchase Yoga Class Themes, please view our registration page.

Yin Yoga
We offer several yin yoga workshops and classes throughout the year. Please check our registration page for upcoming events.

Yoga for Inflexible People
Have you wanted to try yoga, but fear you are not flexible enough or have the wrong body type? We will help you learn and modify 29 yoga poses during this two day workshop to build a foundation to confidently join most yoga class. Walls, chairs, and the floor will be used to assist postures. If you have never practiced yoga before and can stand on your own, this workshop will offer you the opportunity to learn the postures and breathing techniques of yoga and basics of mediation. Yoga teachers are welcome and RYT’s will earn 14 contact CEC hours. Please check our registration page for upcoming events.