Private Yoga Therapy and Private Yoga Instruction

We offer private yoga therapy and private yoga instruction. Please contact us via email or phone to schedule (615-482-0100).

We offer modifications and help students find accessible poses
We teach the 8 limbs of yoga, incorporating breath work, meditation, and the tenets of yoga.

Private clients MUST pre-pay for yoga therapy and private yoga instruction. Appointments must be kept or cancelled 24 hours prior to the appointment time or the full fee will be forfeited. No refund will be issued for appointments not cancelled within 24 hours. 

Available Classes by Level

Gentle – Geared toward those wanting a less strenuous practice or those newer to yoga

Yoga for Weight Loss

This class is designed to empower students with yogic tools that help students overcome emotional eating, increase mindfulness and decrease the daily struggle with food and negative body image. We will work with the tenets of yoga and gentle asana as tools for positive change.

Thirumoolar’s Gentle Yoga

Join us for a class that is appropriate for all levels. Beginners will feel confident as we move through gentle poses, using mostly seated, prone and supine positions while gently increasing strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.


Our meditation practices are open to all practitioners. No experience necessary. Different types of meditation, such as Guided, Yoga Nidra, and Visual will be offered.

Restorative Yoga

This gentle practice uses props such as bolsters and blocks to support the body as we explore deep relaxation, gentle stretching, stillness and inner peace. Supporting the body with props during long-held passive poses coaxes the mind, body and spirit to let go of tension.


Multi-level – Taught to incorporate modifications for both beginner and experience yogis.
Accessible, but slightly more physically demanding than Gentle classes

Thirumoolar’s Multi-Level Yoga

Multi-level classes are inclusive to any level of yogi. We will practice standing postures, as well as floor poses, offering modifications to make poses more accessible where needed, and more challenging where needed. This practice will increase strength, flexibility and mindfulness.

Thirumoolar’s Slow Flow

Join us for a slow-paced vinyasa flow class where we link breath and movement to increase strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. We’ll spend a good deal of this class in standing postures, slowly flowing from pose to pose. The class ends with seated, prone or supine poses.

Yin Yoga

Yin practices focus on the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. We employ longer-held gentle stress in these poses to calmly open connective tissues while stimulating the body’s subtle energy channels. There are typically no standing poses in this practice.


Intermediate/Advanced – Minimum of 6 months yoga experience recommended

Yoga Therapy

A yoga therapist is trained to work individually with clients to help them live the happiest, healthiest life possible. We use yogic tools such as movement, breath work and meditation while focusing on gratitude, compassion, empathy and other tenets of yoga.

Your yoga therapist will perform an assessment, which may include a postural, range of motion and/or strength testing. We work with the whole person – mind, body and spirit – to work toward sustainable life changes.


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Our building sign reads Tennessee Wellness Academy.

Enter through the downstairs (back) door.

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