Yoga Anatomy Module 1

Yoga Anatomy Module 1 is designed to teach anatomy in a different, refreshing way. In this module, you won’t memorize muscles and bones; instead, we’ll use movement experiments that will help you apply anatomy ideas to your own practice, and give you tools you’ll be able to access as a teacher.

We have partnered with world-renowned Yoga Educators & best-selling authors of Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews. Leslie and Amy provide 20 hours of online video content for this course. (Leslie and Amy DO NOT lead the live portion of this class.) There are 10 classroom hours taught by White Crow Yoga teachers using Leslie and Amy’s curriculum.

In Yoga Anatomy Module 1, you’ll learn:

Foundational Units 

  • Unit 1 – Building Blocks: Sthira & Sukha / Connective Tissue / Bones / Muscles
  • Unit 2 – Breath: Prana & Apana / Diaphragm / Ujjayi / Bhandas
  • Unit 3 – Muscle Physiology: Strength / Flexibility / Movement / Joints
  • Unit 4 – The Spine: Curves / Disks / Back pain
  • Unit 5 – The Lower Limbs: Foot / Knee / Hips / Pelvis / Walking / Alignment in Standing Postures
  • Unit 6 – The Upper Limbs: Hands & Wrists / Forearm / Elbow / Shoulder / Alignment in Inversions

Application Units: Anatomy in Asana

  • Unit 7 – Anatomy in Asana and Asana Philosophy: Introduction to working with Asana / “Benefits” of a Pose / Asana Analysis / Begin Standing Poses
  • Unit 8 – Anatomy in Asana and Pain & Sensation: A Body-Mind Perspective on how to work with pain / Complete Standing Postures / Begin Seated Postures
  • Unit 9 – Anatomy in Asana and Vinyasa: Breath + Movement / Continue Seated Postures / Move to other Floor Postures
  • Unit 10 – Anatomy in Asana and Arm Supports: Arm Support Poses / Final Words of Advice for a budding teacher from Amy & Leslie


No pre-reqs to enroll in class, but please enroll early enough to allow yourself time to review 20 hours of online video. We will cover these topics in the live portion of the class.

Continuing Education Credits

Yoga Alliance Approved CEC course. This counts as 20 non-contact hours and 10-contact hours and may be used toward the RYT-300 (RYT-500 designation).

Yoga Anatomy Module 1

Practical and Cost Effective

  • Most comprehensive, useful anatomy training available
  • Available only to studios partnered with Leslie Kaminoff
  • Previously available only through Leslie’s studio in NYC

Learn to:

  • Connect with Your Body in a New Way
  • Enhance Your Teaching and Cuing Skills
  • Protect Your Students from Injury
  • Communicate Better with Your Students
  • Help Students find Success on the Mat
  • Make Poses Accessible to Any Student
  • Anatomical Concepts that are Important to Yoga Teachers
    …all through the 10 units listed above

How it Works

  • Watch 20 Hours of Guided Lesson Content, Reflection, Personal Exploration and Teaching Preparation with Leslie and Amy
  • Try the Movement Experiments Offered
  • Apply Anatomy Ideas to Your Practice
  • Meet as a Group for 10 Hours for a Deeper Dive and Hands-on Application

Required Book

Yoga Anatomy, 2nd Edition, by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews

Asana Library

Access Asana Library, 20 Poses Examined 3 Ways

  • Breath-Centered Approach: with Leslie
  • Joint & Muscle Actions: with Amy
  • Pose-Specific Workshops, such as: Themes such as examining different traditions or talking through strategies for various body types

Asana Library Includes:

  • Tadasana / Mountain Pose
  • Virabhadrasana I / Warrior 1
  • Virabhadrasana II / Warrior 2
  • Virabhadrasana III / Warrior 3
  • Utthita Trikonasana / Extended Triangle Pose
  • Prasarita Paddotanasana / Wide-Stance Forward Bend
  • Vrksasana / Tree Pose
  • Paschimottanasana / Seated Forward Bend
  • Janu Sirsasana / Head to Knee Pose
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana / Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
  • Sukhasana / Easy Posture (& other seated postures)
  • Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose
  • Balasana / Child’s Pose
  • Eka Pada Rajakapotasana / One-Legged Royal Pigeon Pose
  • Setu Bhandasana / Bridge Pose
  • Urdhva Dhanurasana / Wheel Pose
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana / Downward-Facing Dog Pose
  • Chaturanga Dandasana / Four-Limbed Stick Pose
  • Salamba Sirsasana / Supported Headstand
  • Savasana / Corpse Pose

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the refund policy?

See our Satya Guarantee. This guarantee applies ONLY to courses taught directly by White Crow Yoga and does not apply to courses taught by Affiliate Schools or live courses.

Where are you located?

Our locations, along with a map, are found on our Contact Page.

Course also offered remotely.

Note: Aqua Yoga live courses are scheduled for Pensacola, FL unless otherwise noted.

How long can I access the online anatomy materials?

You can have permanent access by downloading and saving the materials. Leslie Kaminoff grants you one year of access to his site, but you are allowed to download all materials, including videos, so you will have a lifetime of access.

What if the dates for the live anatomy portion doesn’t work for me? May I still enroll?

Yes. You can begin your distance study and plan to join us for the live portion the next time we offer it – or whenever it fits into your schedule. You will receive your 20 non-contact CECs when your distance study is completed and your 10 contact-hour CECs once you are able to attend the live sessions.

When will the next Anatomy I Module be offered?

You may enroll anytime and begin the 20 hours of distance study. There is not a live portion scheduled at this time. Please check back soon.


Duration and Dates

Duration: This course consists of 20 hours of distance study and 10 hours of live study.

Dates: Please see FAQ (When will the next Anatomy I Module be offered?) on this page for the next training date(s).


Yoga Anatomy Module 1 Fee – $597

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