Yoga for Hips, Shoulders and Core

Connect with your body from the inside out and take your yoga practice for your hips, shoulder and core totally out of the box! You’ll learn new moves and understand how to modify movements to get shoulders, hips and core strength and mobility that best serves the life and body you live in.

Explore the anatomy of the hips, shoulders and core while tailoring alignment to each student. Assist students in finding their edge without creating pain and dysfunction. Learn out of the box moves that are fun, effective and truly different!

In Yoga for Hips, Shoulders and Core, you’ll learn how to:

  • Integrate anatomy and body mechanics
  • Incorporate a fresh approach to teaching for shoulders, hips and core
  • Safely teach hypomobile and hypermobile students
  • Avoid further hypermobility
  • Teach fresh moves for shoulders, hip and core
  • Creatively think and coach
  • Improve spatial awareness
  • Improve strength, mobility and integrated body awareness
  • Lead pranayama and meditation to connect to the shoulders, hips and core



Continuing Education Credits

Yoga Alliance Approved for 15-contact CEC hours

Yoga for Hips, Shoulders and Core

Course Audience

  • Yoga teachers
  • Yoga students
  • Yoga therapists
  • Health coaches
  • Body workers

Learning Strategies

  • Lecture and demonstration
  • Experiential learning through movement
  • Yoga practices
  • Partner and group activities
  • Practical teaching opportunities

Topics Covered

  • Context-based teaching strategies for yoga studios, clients, classes
  • Strength, mobility and integrated body awareness
  • Posture and performance improvement  while reducing pain
  • Providing physical feedback to hypermobile students without contributing to further hypermobility
  • New, different moves for hips, shoulders and core
  • Changing your moves for peak performance

Recommended Reading

There is no specific reading, but it is a good idea to review the basic anatomy of the hips, shoulders and core. You can do this with any books you have or through online research.


15 Hours, spans 2 Days. This course is not currently scheduled. If you are interested in taking the course, please contact us.


Yoga for Hips, Shoulder, Core Course Fee – $285

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