Thirumoolar’s Fourfold Sadhanas

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Tantra 4, Verse 1044 of the Tirumantiram talks about the fourfold sadhanas: Chariya, Kriya, Yoga, and Jnana. These 4 are defined below. Sadhanas refer to daily spiritual practices, which are an essential part of our yoga practice.

1044: Shapes of Nine Sacrificial Pits
Of four sides unto Sadhanas four,
(Chariya, Kriya, Yoga and Jnana)
Of three sides unto shape of fire,
Of semicircular shape unto the bent bow,
Of circular shape like a bore,
Of six sides unto Adharas within,
Of eight sides like earth’s cardinal
Of heart shape unto leaf of Peepul tree,
Of five sides unto letters of Siva Mantra,
Of oval shaped unto the the golden bowl
Thus of yore are shaped,
The nine Sacrificial Fire Pits,
Where you seek Lord Supreme.

(The six sides unto Adharas refers to Chakras 1 through 6)

Tantra 5, verse 1444 defines the fourfold Sadhanas

1444: Jnana, Yoga, Kriya and
Chariya Defined
To be one, Life within Life-that the
luminous path of Jnana;
To seek the Light within Life-that
the mighty path of Yoga;
To invest idol with Life-that the
external way of Kriya
To adore Siva in love-that the
basic worship of Chariya.

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