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Aqua Yoga is a fun and effective practice that adapts traditional Yoga postures to an aquatic environment.

From a physical standpoint, practicing asanas (poses or postures) in the water causes less stress on the joints and provides a feeling of success by allowing students to experience postures they may be unable to achieve on land. However, in some postures, the resistance of the water creates more opportunities to build strength. The aqua environment may allow students to achieve a greater range of motion, increasing muscle flexibility.

From a mind-body standpoint, water is very comforting and nurturing, enhancing relaxation and reading our minds for a deeper meditative experience. Yoga has been linked to decreased stress, heart rate, blood pressure, fatigue, and depression – and a lower risk of all the diseases that accompany these risk factors. Many yogis find better sleep, more confidence, a more positive outlook on life, improved moods, and fewer addictive behaviors than they experienced before engaging in yoga.

Aqua Yoga Testimonials

  • Thank you Mary for having the Aqua Yoga course available. I have been teaching Aqua yoga on my own for 2 months in my neighborhood swimming pool. My ladies all have some kind of injury or recovering from knee surgery. I took a lot of the land base yoga moves and made them water based. My ladies have seen such wonderful improvement from my class. Now I feel I can move to another level since I took your course and becoming certified

    Donna Klein Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • Mary Irby is an exceptionally gifted, knowledegable and devoted teacher and teacher trainer. Her passion, experience and knowledge are evident in her Aqua Yoga Teacher Training Program. Having completed the training, I have been able to teach what I loved doing. The training was invaluable to me as I learned about yoga, aqua fitness, and how to better my teaching skills. The online experience is wonderful, as it is available whenever I need it, in my schedule. Since completing the course and teaching Aqua Yoga, it has been a joy to see participants gain better balance, deeper breath, more flexibility and a lovely sense of calmness that Aqua Yoga can bring. The course is well rounded, well presented and a great value!

    Hope Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I look forward to sharing what I have learned with my many Arthritis class students. I love how the poses flow and address the need to be warm in the pool. Happy to find this course!

    Eugenie Aqua Arthritis Teacher
  • This is a good starter course for those interested in teaching aqua yoga. The review of yoga history is nice and the explanations of contraindications and precautions are complete. Mary is thorough in her descriptions of the asanas and the misalignments to be aware of. This is a great class for the price. Thanks for your hard work Mary!

    Rebecca Future Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I have been a water aerobics (AEA certified) instructor for many years, and have been interested in adding Aqua Yoga to my repertoire for some time. I am so glad that I found this on-line training program. I am somewhat familiar with land based yoga (starting my RYT-200 hr soon), but was never sure how to adapt land poses to the aquatic environment, and how to put them together into a class format. This training teaches over 50 different aqua yoga poses or movements that can be done in the water. The most valuable part of the training for me was the “Aqua Yoga Class Flows” at the end. They show how you can put all of the individual components together to form a cohesive class. Of course, I know that I can modify and create my own signature flows eventually, but I really appreciated the step by step examples of class flows. After taking this course, I feel so much more confident teaching Aqua Yoga to my population of students. Mary has also been a joy to work with throughout this distance learning course; she was always available by email when needed. Thank you Mary!

    Cheryl Urmy AEA Certified Instructor
  • I had a wonderful experience with Mary’s Water Yoga teacher training program. The materials were very clear and comprehensive and extremely applicable to any Water Yoga class. My students are enjoying their classes and the class size is growing each week. I earned my 200-hour land-based Yoga teacher training and am currently in the 500-hour program. Mary’s written Water Yoga teacher materials plus the local training that I received from an experienced White Crow water Yoga teacher provide very valuable information that I apply towards EVERY Yoga class I teach. I highly recommend the White Crow Water Yoga teacher training program.

    Lee Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • A very enjoyable process. I am designing a class for the prestigious Fairmont Hotel and Spa. You can google Claremont Hotel and see where I work. Permission granted for anything you need. Thanks for creating the aqua yoga. Bravo!

    Shelly Ross
  • I appreciate you contacting me. I Loved the course and found the training manual clear and concise. I liked how you integrated the yamas and chakras into the class. I also use the yamas when going over cautions for my chair yoga classes. I enjoyed watching the video especially to learn how you applied the teaching tip section of the manual into the class. I learned some new teaching skills. Pool yoga uses a lot of the same poses as chair yoga especially with keeping the head on the same level as the heart. Instead of the pool wall we use the back of the chair as a prop. New to me was the use of noodles. I really like your teaching style.

  • I am totally thankful for the Aqua Yoga course. I enjoyed it a lot. I learned more and faster that I thought as it is well planned and its characteristics makes of it an invaluable peace of knowledge. I widely recommend this course as is really complete, the material (book and videos) are the right tool to learn and to find the confidence to perform and teach this practice. Thank you.

    Etlalticpactli Future Aqua Yoga Teacher!
  • I recently completed the distance Aqua Yoga Certification program after enjoying a local aqua yoga class taught by a friend who went through the program. As a newly certified yoga instructor, this fit in perfectly with the population I teach – seniors and beginners. At first I worried about getting all I needed from a distance course, but the manual was thorough and comprehensive; adapting traditional yoga poses to water classes and reviewing yogic history, philosophy, and ethics. The sample DVD class puts it all together. I felt I was able to create a high standard class as a result of the video demonstrations and cueing advice. I loved Mary’s positive energy and gentle style, combined with her shared experience and knowledge. As a yoga teacher working with fellow seniors, I found The White Crow Aqua Yoga program both inspiring and insightful.

    Darren - Camp Hill, PA Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you so much for the encouraging feedback. The course was well-written and easy to follow and the video was extremely helpful. Thank you for providing it! Namaste, Cheryl

    Cheryl Aqua Yoga Course Purchaser
  • Thank you so very much for the feedback. I truly enjoy teaching yoga and can’t wait to do an aqua yoga class. Your feedback is so very helpful. It’s specific and encouraging. I appreciate the information about the neck extension. I’ve never heard that it is more of a neck extension. It really is, isn’t it?! I certainly see that point and will keep it in mind as another wonderful piece of information gained from this class. I will continue to keep an eye on your site to see if you’re ever doing something close to me in North Carolina. I would love to be in your presence as you teach this class.

    Kay Aqua Yoga Student
  • The aqua yoga course is a fabulous program for home study. Even if you don’t plan on teaching straight aqua yoga, you’ll come away with lots of ideas for creative cool downs for your more traditional aqua class.

    Abagail Aqua Professional
  • I’m a single mom, I have a lot of challenges in life but because I have children that looks up and depend on me I need to teach them how to be a great warrior in life, by continuing doing good and right thing in life and by embracing education. I need a job that I love to do and helps people. I am so blessed to found White Crow Yoga. With their Long Distance Online Course my dream to be a Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher came true. Ms. Mary Irby is a woman with a golden heart and her White Crow Yoga is a miracle! I give 5 stars all in all = )

    Christine Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Thanks Mary I will definitely add these ideas to my class ! Always learning and growing! Love Yoga 🧘‍♀️Really enjoyed your course !

    Linmore3 Yoga Teacher
  • Well written, obviously by knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Challenging, yet easy to understand and follow. Excellent! Looking forward to more courses!

    Cindy M
  • I am a land based yoga teacher with over 10,000 hours of experience. I found the yoga theory portion of the course an excellent concise summary. The aqua yoga theory and practicum was also well written and presented. Overall, an excellent teacher training course.

    Andy Experienced Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you so much for such a thorough course and information! I have been a swimmer all my life and I have taught swimming and swim instructors for years. I very much enjoy land yoga and the exercise/stretching it allows, but this Aqua Yoga is a marvelous supplement to it all. I am very appreciative for you and your program.

    Donna Rhoads Swim Instructor and Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you for a well written text, fantastic video and open communication via email with your very reasonably priced aqua yoga teacher training program. The program is well rounded, addressing not only yoga theory, but a bit of anatomy, aqua fitness principals, differences in varying populations of students and asanas. I absolutely love aqua yoga and your course has helped me gain confidence to teach what I love! Thank you! You exemplify what is great about yoga.

    Hope Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I frequently refer to the White Crow aqua yoga manual and the DVD to refresh the principles of adapting yoga to the water. It seems something new pops out each time I do this….be it some slight detail or cue I missed before. My students are benefiting from your expertise and I am very grateful that you share your teachings so generously. Many thanks, Michele Purdy (Ontario Canada)

    Michele Purdy Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I loved this course. The manual is well-written ( I use it as a reference often) and a great summary of all of the elements involved in teaching an aquatic yoga class, including understanding the history of yoga. I appreciate the time and effort put forth in making this program available to us online. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us so that we as instructors can continue to share the wonderful gift of an aquatic yoga practice with others!

    Linda Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • It’s great to be able to learn aquatic yoga from home study, and I appreciate the manual and class video.

  • This course is grounded in the yoga tradition and provides all the needed information for the yoga instructor to understand and make the appropriate modifications of the tools of yoga to the aquatic environment. Mary was also very helpful and responsive to questions by email. I have recommended this course to yoga teachers who want to add an additional dimension to their teaching of yoga. My only regret is that I did not order a hard copy of the book and DVD when they were available as an option for my on-line certification. This course offering is well-paced and generously offered at a reasonable rate. Thank you!

    Jessica Byron Yoga Teacher
  • It was great to both have a routine to follow online and have a manual with photos all of the different poses. It was very easy for me to put together my own routines after taking the online class. There aren’t a lot of fitness certifications offered in my area. When my gym wanted to add Aqua yoga, I was able to complete the course in a short period of time so that I could teach the class. Reasonably priced and easy to follow. Would recommend for anyone looking for yoga certifications.

    Kimyorda Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you for the comprehensive reference manual and the demonstration video. Between the two, I have all of the information I need to instruct a well-thought out class and be able to adjust each class based on the level of knowledge and experience within it. . I enjoyed the exam content, which assured that we had read and understood the text and its application. Thank you, as well for your kindness in our communications. Best wishes to you and all you have sent out into the world to bless others.

  • Enjoyed the course, very informative reference manual, great to see both land based and water poses included, the demonstration video was great assistance, thanks very much

    Michelle Aqua Yoga Course Purchaser
  • This was an excellent course, very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. Mary did a wonderful job of designing and explaining a water-based yoga class that will enable so many more people to succeed at yoga with all its benefits than otherwise would. I am a YogaFit instructor and wouldn’t have had a clue how to transfer some of the poses into a water-based practice! So much great information, not just the moves but benefits and cautions; a great price, just excellent overall. Thank you, Mary!

  • Given the popularity of aqua fitness classes and yoga, it is mind-boggling how little information exists about aqua yoga! I was very excited to find this extremely affordable online course – as far as I know, there is no other online aqua yoga training available. Aren’t we lucky, then, that the one course we have available is such high quality – it consists of a very comprehensive manual and an online video demonstrating an aqua yoga class. The quiz really helps you learn the materials, and you can retake it without having to pay an additional fee, like with some online aqua fitness courses. Mary follows up in email and is very friendly and approachable. I was able to take some of the postures and movements from the course and incorporate them into my hybrid aqua aerobics/yoga class immediately! If I had one suggestion for future courses, it would be this: I love the manual – it is high quality and focuses on substance and not fluff – and goes beyond just an overload of bullet points (some aqua manuals/ebooks are not that well-written). But it would be even better if Mary recorded some audio or video lectures explaining the materials as well. I love reading but it is always great to hear a lecture too. Thank you for the great course and I will be getting more courses from your website!

  • I absolutely loved this online course. I am a certified water fitness instructor but I am new to all things yoga. This was a great introductory course for me and well worth the time and money. It gave me a basic foundation and after reading the manual and watching the video I feel ready to teach my first aqua yoga class. I could not ask for a better resource and Mary was always available to answer any of my questions. Thanks again for a great educational certification that has so many great practical applications!!!

    Kristin Hoffman New Yogi
  • This course was exactly what I had hoped for! The manual is very well written and contains an excellent review of yoga theory and basics. The pictures are really helpful, particularly in that you are able to see the poses both in the water and on land! I had been toying with yoga poses in the pool on my own and was so happy to find a course that I could complete online, as I am quite often traveling and it is hard to attend scheduled classes and workshops. Thanks for putting together a great course! Highly recommended for teachers wondering how to teach yoga that is accessible for a wide range of people who might not be comfortable in land based classes!

    Sophie Yoga Teacher
  • I found the manual very helpful and also re-watched the video which has inspired new ideas. Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to do it from so far away too!

  • Thank you so so much for your thoughtful, kind, and helpful feedback! The Triangle pose is so true… I was reviewing it and see exactly what you mean… great tips! I really hope to offer Aqua Yoga this fall in my area. I feel it is so crucial for those with chronic conditions, elderly, and anyone intimidated by traditional yoga to embrace all the benefits of yoga and Aqua Yoga does just that. Deep gratitude for your beautiful teachings and helpful feedback!

    Denise Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I have learned a LOT with this course! There is a lot to it and it makes you think about things differently. I feel this will be an awesome addition to my small town and especially for those with joint pain and that have a hard time with exercise in general. Thank you for your guidance throughout this course and I hope to stay in touch with you to continue on with this program and offering it to my small town in Illinois!

    Rebecca Sloan
  • I just finished the Aqua Yoga Course online and was very satisfied with it. This course helped me to deepen my yoga practice and teaching. It also gave the skills necessary to teach Aqua Yoga with confidence. The manual is very friendly and easy to follow. In addition, having the course online, makes it more accessible and flexible to complete the training at home. I really loved and highly recommend it

    S Alexa Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I found the resources that were available easy to access, easy to read, and very practical. I completed my 200hr YTT nearly two years ago and The White Crow Yoga program was very helpful in translating traditional land asana into water appropriate asana. However, I believe that had I not had the 200 hr foundation, Mary’s clear breakdown of the practice of yoga and proper alignment would have still been very accessible to me. Since going through the course, I have taught four classes in the pool and our numbers are growing each week–our members are loving the option to do yoga with the support (and challenge) of the water! I feel confident in my new skill set and am grateful for the manual that I will no doubt re-visit each week in class preparation. Thank you again, Jessica

    Jessica Hufnagle Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • Thanks again for providing a wonderful training package that enables me to feel competent and confident to teach Aqua Yoga to my students.

    FindUrFlow Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you so much Mary! I absolutely loved your course you are amazing for creating this way of learning. I am very excited to start on this journey as a teacher ❤️can not thank you enough!

    Harmony Cunningham
  • Your class/workshop at Banbury Hotsprings in Idaho was wonderful.......heart opening, educational and inspiring. You have a gift to teach and I am grateful I was able to attend your workshop. I learned so much more about my practice/future teaching from you. I hope to take another one of your classes/teacher training in the future! Thank you for traveling all this way to touch so many people's lives.

    Amanda Hancock Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you so much Mary – I enjoyed the online course. I appreciate all of your effort and your training!

    Kathryn W.
  • Hi Mary,

    Thanks a lot! Everything is so so clear. It is the first time that I found such a great explanation. Thanks thanks and again thanks!
    Chiara Aqua Yoga Student

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