How does the schedule work? Keep reading…it’s easy!

  • Our course is offered as a weekend course and as a 2- or 3-week intensive.
  • The Nashville weekend course usually runs about 4 months (usually 2 weekends per month). To find the next course dates, visit our FAQs or see the “Duration” block on our RYT200 page
  • You’ll also attend 36 hours of yoga classes at our studio, where you’ll practice and assist teachers.
  • Intensives are also offered where you complete your work in 2-3 weeks

 How do I take the 36 hours of yoga classes (Nashville only)

  • Once you have paid for the RYT200, you can show up at any class on our schedule. You’ll save $10 per class, or $360, because you won’t pay for these classes
  • Mark yourself as “prepaid YES” on the sign-in sheet
  • Keep a journal of the class dates/times you attend
  • You’ll submit the dates/times and we will have the sign-in sheet with your signature to confirm the hours for all students
  • If you have not fully paid for the RYT200, you may pay $10 per class, but will still keep up with the dates/times in the same manner as listed above

What happens if I miss a weekend or two?

  • Work with us on a case by case basis.

When is the course?

  • Please see the registration page under the FAQ “What are the exact dates of each RYT-200 Module”

Where do I find the cost, location and other info?

Module (Topic) List:

  • RYT-200 Foundations
  • Effective Cuing and Alignment Principles
  • Yoga History & the 8 Limbs
  • Yamas and Niyamas
  • Yoga Sequencing & Class Themes
  • Cuing for All Learning Styles
  • Sanskrit for Yogis
  • Pose Breakdown: Foundations
  • Pose Breakdown: Lateral Flexion and Rotation
  • Pose Breakdown: Foundational Poses & Forward Folds
  • Pose Breakdown: Spinal Extensions and Warriors
  • Pose Breakdown: Arms, Inversions and Sun Sals
  • Asana Compensations and How to Correct Them
  • RYT 200 Practice Teaching
  • Yoga Props
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Intro to Restorative Yoga
  • Asanas and Affirmations  (Ananda Influenced)
  • Multi-level Hatha Yoga
  • Inro to Yin Yoga
  • Intro to Yoga for Back Health
  • Chair Yoga
  • Yoga for Chakras
  • Energetic Anatomy
  • Intro to Anatomy
  • Yoga Adjusting and Assisting
  • Anatomy: Core, Upper and Lower Body
  • Adjusting/Assisting
  • Discovering Meditation
  • Mudras
  • Meditation: Sensory and Buddhist Practices
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation: Sound & Energy
  • Meditation: Biofeedback and Visual Practices

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