Aqua Yoga

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Aqua Yoga is a fun and effective practice that adapts traditional Yoga postures to an aquatic environment. From a physical standpoint, practicing asanas (poses or postures) in the water causes less stress on the joints and provides a feeling of success by allowing students to experience postures they may be unable to achieve on land. However, in some postures, the resistance of the water creates more opportunity to build strength.The aqua environment may allow students to achieve a greater range of motion, increasing muscle flexibility. From a mind-body standpoint, water is very comforting and nurturing, which enhances relaxation and readies our minds for a deeper meditative experience.Yoga has been linked to decreased stress, heart rate, blood pressure, fatigue and depression – and a lower risk of all the diseases that accompany these risk factors. Many Yogis find better sleep, more confidence, a more positive outlook on life, improved moods, and fewer addictive behaviors than they experienced prior to engaging in Yoga.

Aqua environments are calming and inviting. There is a natural serenity associated with water, and this improves the mind-body connection and readies the mind for a more peaceful, meaningful meditation. Final Savasana (corpse pose) and breathing in Mountain Pose are extremely nurturing in the tranquility of the water.

One reason that Yoga is so helpful at reducing stress is because we focus intently on deepening our breath and bringing awareness to our breath. This invokes our parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous system and helps us develop a sense of detachment in a world that sometimes feels out of control, or to which we feel totally overwhelmed and attached at every turn.

Not only can Yoga help us focus on deep breathing and create space in our day when we are heavily focused on our breath, but Aqua Yoga gives us an additional benefit because standing in water while performing Yoga postures adds uniform resistance against the abdominal muscles. When we resist abdominal expansion, we naturally resist diaphragmatic contraction. Breathing while standing in water requires the diaphragm to overcome a strong water pressure evenly distributed over the abdomen. What a wonderful strength training exercise for the diaphragm!

The number of Yoga postures that can be easily adapted to the water is phenomenal. We introduce you to many Aqua Yoga poses in our Aqua Yoga Teacher Training Workshops. Once you get a feel for the poses, you will probably start incorporating some of your own postures into this peaceful practice!

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White Crow Yoga offers distance programs and in-person (live) workshops to teach you how to become an Aqua Yoga Instructor or how to add Aqua Yoga to your personal fitness routine or Yoga practice. You do not have to be certified by any other organizations to take our Aqua Yoga workshops. However, it is helpful if you have some yoga or aqua fitness experience.

Note that we offer 3 methods of delivery for several of our programs, including Aqua Yoga:

  • Live Training - You attend a workshop
  • Distance Study Hard Copies - You receive physical hard copies of materials in the mail
  • Online Training - You receive digital copies of materials
  • **If you want to receive a hard copy of a certificate, it must be purchased separately from our Accessories Page.

    Aqua Yoga Course FAQs

    WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM? If you take the online course, you will receive an online manual and online Aqua Yoga video, along with an exam, your CEC forms (15 CECs for AEA) and a certificate of completion. (Please click on the Certification Process tab for a clear understanding that this is designed as a CEC program and is a certificate of completion.) If you take the distance home-study course, you will receive a printed (hard copy) manual and a physical copy of the Aqua Yoga video. The exam, CEC forms and certificate are available online. If you take the workshop in person, you will receive a printed copy of the manual and dvd. You will experience one or more Aqua Yoga Master Classes taught by your instructor and at live workshops (except in cases of pool closures) and students have an opportunity to practice teaching the postures to each other.

    From the 150+ page manual, you'll learn about yoga history and philosophy, the eight limbs of yoga, benefits of aqua yoga, pranayama and mindfulness, water principles, class format, special populations, teaching tips, bandhas, chakra system and yoga pose cues and pose correction. You'll learn over 50 yoga asanas and mudras and how to properly execute these postures. The video contains an aqua yoga class that was taught at a live aqua yoga training (close to an hour in length).

    WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR CERTIFICATION? If you take the live workshop, you will complete all activities with the guidance of your instructor and will receive your documentation of course completion. If you take the distance study (printed or online), you will study the materials (book and video) and practice teaching. You will need to video yourself teaching and upload the video. This is for us to offer feedback of what you have learned. You will then take an online exam to earn your certificate. Remember, please see the "Certification Process" tab on this page for a clear understanding of the term certification.

    HOW LONG IS MY CERTIFICATION VALID? Your certificate is good for 12 months from the day you complete the course.

    HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO COMPLETE THE COURSE? You have 12 months to complete the course.

    HOW DO I RENEW? You can renew both CYT and Aqua Yoga Certs by clicking here. You must renew 12 months after the issue date to remain current.

    WHO CAN TAKE THE COURSE? Anyone with a desire to learn about Aqua Yoga can take the course. No prior experience necessary. However, please note that this course is designed as continuing education for yoga teachers and AEA certified professionals. If you do not have prior yoga teaching experience/training and/or you do not have prior fitness teaching or training (especially water fitness), then we would not recommend that you begin teaching from an online program or even a 2-day live training. We know that many people take a 1 or 2 day workshop in a fitness modality and immediately begin teaching, but that is not our recommendation. Again, please read the "Certification Process" tab to fully understand that this is a continuing education program. We believe it takes hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of training to successfully teach any form of yoga. That doesn't mean the course is not valuable, because you can learn a lot about aqua yoga in the course, but we do not want to mislead anyone or set unrealistic expectations about how long it takes to become a professional in the yoga arena.

    WHAT DOES IT COST AND WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS TO RENEW? The requirements are 15 hours of continuing education.  This may be self-study, books read, classes attended, or anything related to aquatics or yoga.  This requirement may change to be more specific in the future, but will remain flexible enough for you to easily meet requirements. The price may be found on the registration page.

    HOW IS THE PROGRAM OFFERED? We offer an Aqua Yoga Teacher Training/Instructor Workshop as a 2-day live course and as a distance course. The material covered in the distance program is the same as the material covered in the live workshop. In the live course, you will experience an Aqua Yoga master classes firsthand, while in the distance workshops, you will receive a video of a master class.

    WHAT WILL I LEARN? After successfully completing the 2-day course or the distance course, including an exam, you will have earned the designation of Certified Aqua Yoga Instructor.The Aqua Yoga Teacher Training/Instructor Workshop (distance or 2-day live course) program equips instructors to teach over 60 Aqua Yoga asanas, mudras, and pranayama techniques and covers safety and alignment, benefits, modifications, and the exercise principles behind each posture.

    Students will be provided with sample Aqua Yoga classes, a manual outlining each pose, and a clear understanding of how to create their own classes. Distance students (online and home study) will receive an Aqua Yoga master class video, while students participating in the live workshop will experience master classes as part of their workshop. We will also cover Aqua Yoga techniques, methodology, anatomy and physiology, and we will touch upon yoga philosophy and history, including a glimpse of the chakra system and how we can use these energy centers to create proper alignment in our yoga poses. The program explores designing class sequences, learning proper yoga posture alignment and identifying and correcting common misalignments. Students in the live workshops will have an opportunity to practice teaching their new aqua yoga skills with other trainees.

    If you are ready to register for a workshop/training or purchase a home-study or online workshop, please go to our registration page. You can view details of each option which will show you the prices, dates and locations of each workshop (as well as distance study options).

    AQUA YOGA VIDEO: We have a 56-minute Aqua Yoga video that features a master class taught at a teacher training workshop. The video demonstrates many (but not all) of the Yoga postures taught in the Aqua Yoga Instructor Workshop/Teacher Training program. Watching the video will help you learn how to properly execute the movements. It will also help you make the connection between the pose name and the physical posture as the asana names are displayed on the screen.If you purchase the Aqua Yoga Teacher Training program the video is included in your materials, so there is no need to purchase it separately. If you want to purchase only the video, please go to the registration page to order, where you have the option of purchasing the DVD as a separate item.

    Certification Requirements – Distance Study

    • Read the Manual
    • Watch the Video
    • Practice the Poses
    • Create a Class Flow
    • Write Cues and a Class Theme
    • Video Yourself Practice Teaching
    • Upload Video
    • Pass a Quiz
    • Register here

    Certification Requirements – Live Study

    • Attend the Workshop where you will:
    • Take a Master Class
    • Practice the Poses
    • Review the Manual
    • Get a Video for Home Study
    • Practice Teaching
    • Register here

    While you receive a "certification" for completion of the aqua yoga program, please note that the term “certification” is a broad term that is used in the fitness arena to often denote simply “taking a workshop and passing a test.” There are many 1 or 2 day certifications, online certifications, certifications where you pass a written with a proctored exam and certification programs that require you to spend hundreds-to-thousands of hours of study time with a teacher.

    Some certifications are overseen by a third-party and some are not. The term “certification” as used by us, obviously denotes either a workshop (ranging from a few hours to several weeks) or an online exam, and it is not meant to denote anything else or be deceptive in any way. If we didn’t use the word “certification” many people wouldn’t find us online! We believe that our consumers are intelligent and are able to determine the value of our programs.

    If you want to become proficient in yoga (land or aqua), there are several paths you may take. We believe that becoming certified may help you along the way - with learning and credentials - but we don't want to be part of the debate about the use of the word "certification" as we use it never to misled but to: (1) allow students to find our programs and (2) allow our students to provide evidence that they studied material relevant to their field.

    We simply state this information about certification with the objective of full disclosure and to help you understand the difference between becoming an RYT or a fitness professional who is certified by an agency overseen by a third-party (such as AEA) and a workshop certification. Many yoga and fitness professionals hold multiple certifications and we recognize the value of ACE, AEA, ATRI (and Yoga Alliance for registration), as well as many less-known but equally wonderful certifications.

    Please note that you do NOT need to be certified by any other organization to take our programs or workshops. If you are certified by Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute (ATRI) or Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA), then you can earn CECs, but if you are not certified by them, disregard this information.

    If you are certified by AFAA or another organization, you can petition them for credit. If you require any additional information to petition, please let us know. You do not need any additional education or experience to take our courses, but please click tabs for Certification Process and Aqua Yoga Teacher Training for full disclosure! We would never recommend that anyone begin teaching ANY topic with only 2 days of training in a given subject.

    This course is designed to add on to either your previous yoga and/or fitness experience/knowledge. There are companies who may tell you otherwise because they want to sell you a program, but we do not believe that anyone can learn enough in a 1 or 2 day course or a 100% online program to teach. We do believe that you can use this material to learn to add yoga to your water classes if you are already certified/teaching or to move your yoga practice to the water if you are experienced/knowledgeable about yoga. We do teach in a way that assumes the material is new to you - so you'll see pose benefits, pose breakdown, etc., but again, the fine details of yoga can't be learned in 15 hours. See the "Certification Process" tab for more information about the term certification; as used here, it is a certificate of completion.

    Please see below to determine the number of CEC’s you will receive by taking our Aqua Yoga workshops.Aqua Yoga Teacher Training/Instructor Workshop (live or distance study):

    AEA - 15 CECs for distance study/home study
    ATRI - 15 CECs for distance/home and live workshops
    AEA - 1 CEC per hour spent in a live workshop. So if your workshop is 10 hours, you'll earn 10 AEA CEC's. If it is 15 hours, you'll earn 15 AEA CEC's, etc.

    Yoga Alliance - Live workshop counts as 15 contact hours, or 1 contact hour per physical hour spent in the workshop.

    For most populations, Aqua Yoga can be taught in the same pool you use for your water aerobics classes. You do not have to each in a separate or therapeutic pool, although that optimal. Our Aqua Yoga program is designed to keep students warm, but, again, it is usually a more relaxation environment in a warmer pool.  Many students take our course to learn how to add a few aqua yoga moves at the end of their existing aqua classes, and this is a great way to incorporate aqua yoga asanas.The desired pool temperature depends on the student population and type of class you plan to teach. We realize that many Aqua Yoga classes must share a pool with Water Aerobics classes and will not have the luxury of a pool heated to therapeutic levels. Our Aqua Yoga Teacher Training shows you how to add 'warming moves' that keep students from getting chilled. Still, only you can decide if your pool is warm enough to teach your specific population.  Well-conditioned students who have been engaging in an aqua aerobics class can probably tolerate several minutes of aqua yoga in a cooler pool at the end of their class compared to an group of seniors getting into the pool strictly for aqua yoga.

    If you are teaching to the same population that takes water aerobics classes at your facility, you may be teaching in a pool that is around 82-88 degrees Fahrenheit. If the pool is on the lower end of the range, you will need to add more warming moves. (These are simply dynamic asanas that you will learn in the class.)  On the other hand, if you are teaching to a group of extremely unconditioned or frail students who are not capable of more strenuous moves, you may need to have a pool heated 90 degrees or higher. While 88 is a great temperature to teach Aqua Yoga for most students, we realize that this is not always feasible, so we make it possible to teach our program in cooler pools by keeping students warm through the use of dynamic Yoga asanas.

    Most everywhere we teach, we are sharing a pool with water aerobics students, and we are able to overcome the cooler temperature by the design of our program. However, as stated earlier, you must be the judge of whether or not this works with your population.

    To view video clips of an aqua yoga master class, please use the links below:

    Aqua Yoga Video Clip 1
    Aqua Yoga Video Clip 2
    Aqua Yoga Video Clip 3