Course Extension or Reinstatement

Most of our courses must be completed within 12 months. If you are going to need more than 12 months, please purchase a course extension to cover the admin fee for resetting the course dates.

If your course has only been expired (or is still active but you need more time), select the option to reinstate BEFORE 3 months, otherwise select Reinstate AFTER 3 months. If you are unsure of your purchase date please ASK US before purchasing; if you pay the wrong fee, we will ask you to pay the appropriate fee, which is more work for both of us, so please select the appropriate fee or contact us if you need help. Also, be sure you select the correct course. Be especially careful with Aqua Yoga. Don’t select the Cert (Certification) if you only took the CEC course, please. This will cause us both extra work.

Your new course expiration date will be computed as 365 days from the previous expiration date. If you pay the reinstatement fee early, you will still get 365 days from the previous expiration date. The same goes if you pay the reinstatement fee late.

See information to the left about which option to select (BEFORE/AFTER 3 months).

Extend or Reinstate your Course Today – IMPORTANT: You must select the appropriate course that you are extending in the drop-down box

Course Extension or Reinstatement


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