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Some of our courses offer certifications. The certificate may be printed from the portal at no additional fee. If you would like a hard copy certificate suitable for framing, you may purchase it from this page. Please remember that the certificate you receive will have a one year expiration date. Most students prefer to print a copy from the portal to avoid the expense, but it is offered as an option.

If you are enrolled in a live RYT course, you do not need to purchase a hard copy certificate, because it is included with the program.

Note: This is for CERTIFICATION programs only. Please do not order this for a CEC workshop. The price shown on this page is for Continental USA only! Please inquire about shipping costs before you order this if you are outside the continental USA. Your money will be refunded less a fee that is charged by our merchant vendor if you order a certificate for a CEC workshop OR if you are outside the continental USA without paying the shipping fees.

This hard copy certificate is ONLY for programs that have the word ‘Certification’ or “Certified” in them.  For example, “Aqua Yoga Teacher Training” course would not be eligible for a hard copy certificate, but “Aqua Yoga Teacher Certification” would be eligible, as would the “200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher” program. Again, please notice the words “Certification” and “Certified” which is what makes them eligible for a hard copy certificate.

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