Introduction to Ayurveda

Due to COVID-19, we are allowed to offer contact hours for this remote class.

This workshop is being led by Jill Munson and Mary Irby and designed to teach the fundamentals to support a healthy lifestyle from an Ayurvedic perspective.

Ayurveda is an individualized science that promotes health, longevity, and vitality through the balancing of the elements and qualities.

Ayurveda has been around for over 5,000 years and considered Yoga’s Sister Science. Ayurveda focuses on health through nutrition and lifestyle and recognizes that everyone is a unique individual with different needs. Balancing the elements and qualities that we are all made up of will promote good health and longevity. And who doesn’t want to grow old in a healthy way?

It’s simple: when the body or mind are out of balance we will get ill. Ayurveda is there to bring us back to or keep us in good health.

Introduction to Ayurveda Learning Objectives:

  • An understanding of your personal Ayurvedic constitution.
  • A list of Ayurvedic medicines designed to balance your unique set of imbalances.
  • An individualized Ayurvedic wellness practice.



Continuing Education Credits

Yoga Alliance Approved for  3 CEC hours
Prior to 12/31/20, you can receive CONTACT hours for this remote working due to a COVID-19 exception

Restorative Yoga Course Info

Course Audience

  • Yoga Teachers and Students
  • Yoga Therapists
  • Mind/Body Practitioners
  • Health Coaches
  • Nutritionists
  • Ayurvedic Practitioners
  • Health Seekers
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Body Workers
  • Anyone Wanting to Help Themselves or Others Through Natural Healing

Topics Covered

  • What is Ayurveda and how can it help me?
  • Your unique Ayurvedic mind/body type.
  • Your current imbalances.
  • How to choose a diet and lifestyle that aligns with your unique Ayurvedic constitution.
  • How to optimize your energy and digestion by living in alignment with circadian rhythms.

Required Books and Materials

  • No books or materials are required.
  • Just bring a pen and some paper to make notes.
  • We’ll be doing a gentle yoga practice and meditation so either have a yoga mat or a chair available.


This course is offered as an online 3-hour workshop via Zoom. Contact us to inquire about upcoming dates.


Introduction to Ayurveda Course Fee
$55 for the 3-hour online workshop

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