White Crow Yoga Training

We break our training course offerings into categories:

Core Trainings

These are certified training courses and each class for these courses will be noted in orange in the class calendar. Click the links below for more information.

100% Online/Remote Study: Note, this is a one-time variance granted by Yoga Alliance during COVID-19. You’ll register using the link below. Work can be started immediately upon registration.

     200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – RYT
     300-Hour Yoga Wellness Specialist – RYT
     Introduction to YTT

     200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – RYT

      Pensacola –  200-Hour – RYT
      Pensacola –  300-Hour Yoga Wellness Specialist – RYT
      Fruitland Park –  Gentle Yoga 200-Hour RYT

     200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – RYT

     200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – RYT


Aqua Yoga

The classes in this course will be noted in teal in the class calendar.

Comprehensive training to teach you how to become an Aqua Yoga Instructor or how to add to your personal fitness routine or Yoga practice. You do not have to be certified by any other organizations to take our Aqua Yoga training. However, it is helpful if you have some yoga or aqua fitness experience.

Classes (locations vary) 
          Go to Aqua Yoga Course Page

Yoga Workshops and Teacher Trainings

Note: Unless otherwise specified, all courses expire after one year. You have access to the materials for 12 months. Our trainings are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a yoga teacher – or even want to be a yoga teacher – to take our trainings or workshops. There’s something for everyone in our course offerings.

Everyone is welcome – teachers and students alike!

What is the difference between Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) types?

  • Registered Yoga Teacher Training (RYT) courses may be registered through Yoga Alliance
  • Certified Yoga Teacher Training (CYT) is available as distance training, but cannot be registered through Yoga Alliance (distance study options for the RYT courses are available on a limited basis due to a COVID exception)

Does it matter if you have this designation?

For many of us, yes, it does, because many teaching jobs depend upon you having this credential. Also, our students are more educated than ever, and they may look for this credential in a teacher. We opted to have our program Yoga Alliance (YA) approved because we believe it offers our graduates more teaching opportunities and it allows more Yogis to find our program. We also want to continue to grow as the YA standards emerge.

This does not mean that a CYT is not valuable or respected. An RYT may not be needed in every situation. Each student should examine her circumstances individually and make an educated decision.


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