Foundational Training

Foundational Training

Listed below are our foundational courses. Other courses (CEC, specialty and aqua workshops) are on our Training Overview page.

Remote RYT for LIMITED TIME (exception from YA)
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – RYT
300-Hour Yoga Wellness Specialist – RYT

Available at Nashville/Brentwood Location
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – RYT

Available at Florida Location
Pensacola:  200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – RYT
Pensacola: 300-Hour Yoga Wellness Specialist – RYT
Fruitland Park:  200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – RYT

Available at Kentucky Location
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – RYT

Available at Nebraska Location
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – RYT

Will I be fully prepared to teach after my Teacher Training Program?

Yes. We are so confident that you’ll be prepared to teach, that we guarantee it. If you complete your course and do not feel ready to teach, we will work with you as long as needed, at no additional cost, until you are ready!

What is the difference between a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), a Certified Yoga Teacher Training (CYT) Program and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Program?

YTT is the term used for any Yoga Teacher Training and it holds no distinct recognition. It is simply an abbreviation for Yoga Teacher Training. At White Crow Yoga, we have YTTs that are used for continuing education credits (CECs), certification programs, and courses that lead to a registration through Yoga Alliance.

The RYT designation is a standard in the industry and is granted by Yoga Alliance once a student has completed their coursework through a Registered Yoga School (RYS). White Crow Yoga is an RYS. This means that when you complete our 200-hour or 300-hour live training, you can submit your graduation certificate to Yoga Alliance (YA), along with the YA fee, and they will grant you the designation of an RYT-200 or RYT-500 (by submitting the RYT-300 certificate after your RYT-200 is completed). Some schools offer a live Yoga Teacher Training program that is not Yoga Alliance approved, which means you can’t register as an RYT with Yoga Alliance. We offer a live RYT program.

Does it matter if you have an RYT designation?
Some, but not all, teaching jobs depend upon you having this credential. Mostly, we see the requirement from yoga studios, but there are many places to teach yoga besides studios (and not all studios require it).

We opted to have our live program YA approved because we believe it offers our graduates more teaching opportunities and it allows more Yogis to find our program. We also want to continue to grow as the YA standards emerge.

Styles of Yoga
Our lineage is Thirumoolar’s Ashtanga Therapeutic Yoga. In this style, you’ll learn to teach a variety of classes, such as vinyasa flow, multi-level hatha yoga, yin and restorative. Our practices are all rooted in the eight limbs. Asana (poses) are a part of our training, but meditation, pranayama and the philosophy of yoga are equally stressed.

Where are the locations in each state?
Visit our contact page for detailed location information and map.


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