Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss provides an outline for a 6-week class plan that will give students struggling with weight or body image issues some life-changing yogic tools. Our relationship with food is often complicated and difficult for many people. If we can offer students the tools they need to get on track with a permanent solution to these struggles, we truly give them a lifeline that can improve every aspect of their lives.

This course is always available as an online program, and is occasionally offered as a live class in Nashville.

In Yoga for Weight Loss, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify use of the eight limbs of yoga to overcome emotional overeating
  • Explain which chakras heavily influence emotional overeating and how we can work with these chakras to change unhealthy patterns
  • Demonstrate Loving Kindness Meditations that help students love and accept themselves and others
  • Assess tools such as journaling, pranayama, mantras, asanas and meditation as tools for positive change
  • Remove the veil of shame and secrecy around our relationship to our body, food, and feelings
  • Shift our inner conversations from judgmental to compassionate
  • Outline the path to sustaining body acceptance
  • Inspire and support students in the process of cultivating and nurturing love for the bodies they’re in right now
  • Use specific affirmations to overcome negative patterns


There are no specific prerequisites, but basic yoga knowledge is assumed. For example, the class plan may state “20 minutes of gentle asana” with the assumption that the reader will know how to lead a basic gentle yoga practice. If readers are not versed in yoga, we recommend our RYT200 or CYT200 course.

Continuing Education Credits

Our Yoga for Weight Loss online course is Yoga Alliance approved for 6 CECs. (non-contact hours) and is available to start at anytime. We occasionally offer the program as a live course, which is approved for 15-contact hour CECs from Yoga Alliance.

Online Course

Online Course Requirements 

  • Read 37-page Yoga for Weight Loss manual (PDF)
  • Study eight limbs of yoga document
  • Practice 100 affirmations
  • Practice yoga class flow provided
  • Complete all activities in manual
  • Complete open book exam online
  • Students in countries allowed to receive Amazon ebooks from USA will also receive Kindle books (free app available) :
    • Embody: Learning to Love your Unique Body
    • Llewellyn’s Truth About Chakras

Live Course

Live Course Includes

  • 15-hours of live classroom instruction
  • 37-page Yoga for Weight Loss manual (PDF)
  • Eight limbs of yoga document
  • 100 affirmations document
  • Chair yoga class flow
  • Kindle* ebook: Embody: Learning to Love your Unique Body
  • Kindle* ebook: Llewellyn’s Truth About Chakras
  • *No Kindle needed; you may download Kindle for PC or Mac

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds on any continuing education courses unless we cancel the course. This is because we make a decision as to whether or not to hold a course based upon enrollment. Once we are committed, we incur expenses.

For distance study courses, there are no refunds. Once someone has the materials, we can’t refund fees because we have upheld our commitment by providing the learning materials.

For live RYT courses, there is a three (3) day (72 hour) cancellation period. Once a student enrollment form is signed, a student may make a written refund request within 3 days (72 hours) and 100% of funds paid shall be returned. All refund requests must be delivered in writing to the school. The postmark shall serve as the refund time. If the request is delivered by hand, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure he/she has a written receipt showing the date and time the request was received.  Other live RYT course refund policy is outlined below.

20 Hours: If a refund is requested within the first 20 live contact hours of 200 total hours, the student is eligible for a 75% refund, less a $150 administrative fee.

30 Hours: If a refund is requested within the first 20 live contact hours of 200 total hours, the student is eligible for a 50% refund, less a $150 administrative fee.

40 Hours: If a refund is requested within the first 20 live contact hours of 200 total hours, the student is eligible for a 25% refund, less a $150 administrative fee.

More than 40 Hours: No refunds are granted.

At the school’s discretion, students may have the option of attending the next class that is offered in lieu of a refund.

For live classes other than RYT trainings, a full refund is available if the request is made within 7 days of a training, less a 10% administrative fee. Cancellations after that period are subject to the Director’s discretion.

If we cancel any class, students will receive a 100% refund.


Where are you located?

Most locations, along with a map, are found on our Contact Page.

Nashville Students: Enter through the DOWNSTAIRS (back) door. Only offices are upstairs and we won’t hear you, so please enter downstairs (behind the building). Download the supplemental parking information and nearby restaurants.

Our Brentwood, TN location will be added to our contact page soon. The address is 1585 Red Oak Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027

What if I need more time to complete my online or distance study course?

If you need more than the allotted time to complete your online or distance study course, you must purchase a course extension or reinstatement.

What is the teaching format for Yoga for Weight Loss?

Distance students receive the materials mentioned in the “Online Course Requirements” section of this webpage. The program materials are designed as a guide to give you all the material you need to teach a 6-week class and includes suggestions on marketing and pricing. Each week, we suggest you teach a 75-minute class, and we outline exactly what you do during each segment. A timeline is provided, so you’ll know about how many minutes to spend on a given task for the workshop. Of course, you are free to vary the times as needed, but it’s nice to have a starting point.

Is Yoga for Weight Loss about eating less and exercising more?

No. The course is not about burning calories, eating less or exercising more. Everyone who struggles with weight loss has probably read hundreds of hours of material on these topics, and, for many of us, these plans don’t work. That’s because most of these plans don’t address the mind/body connection. Our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are intertwined. We can’t ignore the white elephant in the room that is the emotional root of overeating. Our Yoga for Weight Loss plan is about using the eight limbs of yoga and exploring the chakra system to help students find yogic tools to end their struggles with food and body image. It is about creating a support system and using journaling, breath work, meditation and other proven techniques for creating a more peaceful life, which, in turn, creates a happy, well-balanced, positive person who isn’t tangled up in a daily struggle with food.

How do we draw the line between yoga and counseling?

We certainly don’t want to step outside the boundaries of our yoga training into the world of counseling. However, we can offer yogic tools that may help our students find their own emotional well-being and recovery from emotional overeating,  weight-loss struggles and body image issues.

When is the next Yoga for Weight Loss Course?

You can take the online course anytime. There is no live class currently scheduled. If you’d like to take the class, please contact us.


 Online Courses

Students have 12 months to complete the online course. If more time is needed, students may purchase an extension. Most students finish the course in about 6 hours

Live Course

This is a 15 hour class.


Online Course Fees – $119

Live Course Fees – $275

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