What Our Graduates Will Tell You

  • Thank you for the comprehensive reference manual and the demonstration video. Between the two, I have all of the information I need to instruct a well-thought out class and be able to adjust each class based on the level of knowledge and experience within it. . I enjoyed the exam content, which assured that we had read and understood the text and its application. Thank you, as well for your kindness in our communications. Best wishes to you and all you have sent out into the world to bless others.

  • I loved this course. The manual is well-written ( I use it as a reference often) and a great summary of all of the elements involved in teaching an aquatic yoga class, including understanding the history of yoga. I appreciate the time and effort put forth in making this program available to us online. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us so that we as instructors can continue to share the wonderful gift of an aquatic yoga practice with others!

    Linda Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • Another GREAT course! So glad I found this website! I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in becoming a yoga instructor.

    Cindy M Certified Yoga Teacher
  • I highly recommend this YTT program or any program taught by Mary Irby! The amount of information and knowledge/experience that was shared was incredible! Not only was Mary extremely knowledgeable, but she made everyone in my group (of all ages and skill levels) feel welcome and just as important as the next person…no easy feat! I’ve made lifelong friends with these gals and I know it’s because Mary was quick to create a community from weekend #1! Each weekend’s lesson plans were well organized and the schedule adhered to. We covered an amazing amount of material! I’ve emerged from this YTT program feeling extremely confident in being able to teach about all eight limbs of yoga as well as being able to offer many different yoga styles to others…and to teach to any skill level as well as those with physical limitations! I’m so glad that I discovered White Crow Yoga!

    PJ RYT-500 Yoga Teacher
  • This is a good starter course for those interested in teaching aqua yoga. The review of yoga history is nice and the explanations of contraindications and precautions are complete. Mary is thorough in her descriptions of the asanas and the misalignments to be aware of. This is a great class for the price. Thanks for your hard work Mary!

    Rebecca Future Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I LOVED my training with White Crow Yoga, loved the teachers, the materials provided were awesome, and I feel I had the best training in Nashville. Jill and Bette were awesome teachers and are very sweet people. I have a great respect for them and their knowledge and love for yoga. Over the course of 9 months (Feb. 2016-Oct. 2016) you get the opportunity to know each other very well and Jill and Bette’s love for yoga is inspiring! This is definitely not just a job to them! They are very real and down to earth people, and I loved having them as my teachers and getting to know them. I don’t have any way of comparing White Crow Yoga’s RYT Training to anyone else, but I feel that it was absolutely the perfect fit for me!!! I would highly recommend White Crow Yoga to everyone!!! With Gratitude, Bree Jewell

    Bree Jewell RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you so much for the encouraging feedback. The course was well-written and easy to follow and the video was extremely helpful. Thank you for providing it! Namaste, Cheryl

    Cheryl Aqua Yoga Course Purchaser
  • After researching my options for becoming a registered yoga instructor I chose the RYT200 class at White Crow Yoga with Mary Irby . After our first conversation, I felt so comfortable and encouraged to begin the journey. The approach and concentration of detail that Mary puts in to studying the 8 limb path program is amazing. She kept the program interesting with guest speakers, special meditations, videos and activities. Mary is such an accomplished teacher and such a deep well of knowledge. She is so dedicated to every individual and ensuring their success in her program. The tools that she gave to me are invaluable and will be used for the rest of my life on and off the mat. We are blessed to have an expert resource like Mary so close. I was so impressed that I am sending my daughter through her program! Thank you Mary Irby for your passion and love for yoga and for sharing that with us in a unique and inspiring way. You are the best! Namaste

    Kim Hertzberg E-RYT200 Yoga Teacher
  • This course is grounded in the yoga tradition and provides all the needed information for the yoga instructor to understand and make the appropriate modifications of the tools of yoga to the aquatic environment. Mary was also very helpful and responsive to questions by email. I have recommended this course to yoga teachers who want to add an additional dimension to their teaching of yoga. My only regret is that I did not order a hard copy of the book and DVD when they were available as an option for my on-line certification. This course offering is well-paced and generously offered at a reasonable rate. Thank you!

    Jessica Byron Yoga Teacher
  • This was an insightful introduction to yoga. It contained a very thorough overview of the history of yoga, as well as a wide variety of asana desciptions. The homework assignments complete the package by requiring the student to take yoga outside of the classroom. Thank you, White Crow Yoga, for such a quality product.

    Caroline B Certified Yoga Teacher
  • I am extremely grateful for finding Mary and White Crow Yoga. Mary not only teaches but lives the eight limbs. My life is forever changed words cannot begin to express the importance of this program and it's impact on anyone that is blessed with being able to be part of this school. Thank you Mary and White Crow for all you do.

    Linda Nunn RYT200 Grad, RYT300/500 Student
  • Mary is a wonderful teacher. She is knowledgeable, kind and makes learning fun. She has a positive attitude and great sense of humor. A lot of the activities were creative and enjoyable. Her passion for yoga shines through in her lessons. I also appreciated the small, intimate class size. I was free to ask as many questions as I needed and was truly seen in my process of learning. This was a great training and experience!

    Susan Tutino E-RYT200 Yoga TEacher
  • Thanks so much Mary, I was grateful for the new body of knowledge, and I’ll look forward to employing it! 🙏🏻

    Cortney O. Yoga Teacher
  • Hi Mary,

    Thanks a lot! Everything is so so clear. It is the first time that I found such a great explanation. Thanks thanks and again thanks!
    Chiara Aqua Yoga Student
  • I took the online White Crow Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher course as a refresher. When I originally studied prenatal as an RYT200 student, I had never been pregnant. During the time that I did the section this time, I have progressed through much of my second trimester so the training was timely for me during my practice as a yoga teacher. I currently teach yoga at a Crossfit gym to the members of the gym. While I have not had pregnant students come to my class, I feel more comfortable doing a reverse of the teaching – rather than offering modifications to my students, I take the modification while explaining the pose to my students and have a student that can be a visual example to the others of what the students can do. The course helped me to become even more aware of the differences that each prenatal student can offer, from the beginner to the advanced yogi. It has rehighlighted, for me, asanas that perhaps I should not be doing and how I can change my own practice to ensure my baby’s safety as we grow closer to delivery day. It was also a happy reminder of valuable themes for soon to be moms that as a teacher I enjoy offering and were I to come into a prenatal class, and the pranayama and meditation offers a bit of sanity amongst the stress. The online course offered not only reading but also a video which was also very helpful, seeing how to get into poses in a type of yoga that can have oh so many props included. The video would be a great tool for all types of learners who can see, hear and do the poses with the video.

    Jessica Sims RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • I had wanted to be a Yoga Teacher since I first learned about Yoga in college. Life happened and I never did anything about it. I went to Yoga classes, but felt that I had something to offer as a teacher, especially once I started my second career after my children were born as a Massage Therapist. I began looking around at different Yoga studios probably 9 months before White Crow Yoga showed up on a search “seemingly out of nowhere.” After reading about the program there was no question where I would get my RYT200 Yoga Certification. Mary Irby, owner of White Crow Yoga, is not only an AMAZING and through teacher, but she has had so much experience with not only Yoga as a practice of postures, but also in living the principles of Yoga. None of the other Yoga Studios I had looked at even mentioned the 8 limbs of Yoga and what it means to really LIVE Yoga. Mary lives what she teaches and it is obvious as soon as you meet her. She also was the only studio that didn’t make you pay the tuition in 3 big payments. She allows her students to pay on a monthly basis so that a single mother like myself was able to finally become a Yoga Teacher. I can not recommend this program enough!! Every aspect of Yoga is discussed and covered through her incredible program. You come away from her training 100% ready to teach a class and be the best person you can possibly be in this one life we all have. Thank you Mary for creating White Crow Yoga and sharing not only your extensive knowledge of Yoga, but also sharing what it looks like to LIVE yoga.

    Elizabeth Somers RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • I would whole heartedly recommend Mary Irby and White Crow Yoga if you are looking for a teacher and school to further your understanding of what Yoga is no matter what your goal is- if its teaching, or if it is just because you have heard some fancy terms used in a yoga class and you want to know more about what they are saying. Mary’s school is the perfect fit in my opinion for anyone- from the experienced yogi, to the new/beginner yogi. Not only does she give you the information you need to be a great yoga teacher, but I think you’ll find that through her teaching, the philosophy, and the overall curriculum, that not only will you have what you need to teach, but it will make you grow in ways you cannot imagine. Overall the experience was a life changing experience, I believe that going through this training will not only make my relationships with others grow, but also my relationship with myself. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for the experience and how life altering it was!

    Chloe Crawford RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Over the past 10 months, I had the opportunity to train for my RYT200 under the direction of Mary Irby with White Crow Yoga. I am so very grateful for this experience and would highly recommend Mary and White Crow Yoga to anyone seeking a thorough training covering the “Eight Limbs of Yoga” and much, much more. Mary is a true teacher with a servant heart who takes the time to prepare her students to teach. Julie Norton Spring Hill, TN

    Julie Norton RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Welcome new and upcoming future certification yoga therapy seekers. the Yoga Therapy Certifications is a insightful life changing experience. Insightful meaning what you will learn about yourself in which enables you to apply it to your own daily practice, along with a toolbox full of information, that in turn allowing you to be open to the best practicing yoga therapist you can be. You can explore many ways to help others to heal through therapeutic techniques. This is all through materials and practicing in a small group of people seeking the same heartfelt knowledge, experiences, and passion to help others in a way to live a healthier life. This group can become a networking place of support and information. Mary Irby’s has a lifetime of experience that we all strive for. She is a yogini that has opened her school with years of knowledge in her profession. Mary is a mentor, a friend and most of all a teacher of what will help you to be successful. She walks her talk with authentic practice of the 8 limbs of yoga which she shares in her teachings. I have been blessed by the experience and opportunity to participate in this journey of yoga. I wish you all the best on your journey as you participate in this Yoga Therapy practice. Namaste’

    Rose Ann Mosey RYT-500 Yoga Teacher
  • When searching for a yoga training, it is important to understand what you are looking to achieve. As a practicing yogi for over 10 years, I already had a deep understanding of the asanas so I wanted to know the deeper meaning, the philosophy, the spiritual connection of the mind, body and soul. Thru a current teacher, I learned there was so much more to the class than just the postures and this lead me to seek a yoga training that could answer those questions. Mary’s program guided me to the answers that I sought and even gave me answers to questions I didn’t know I had. Her understanding of yoga runs deep and her experienced helped me to reach my goals. I highly recommend her school and her programs. I will encourage students to attend all sessions and to complete all assignments over the duration of the course. The more effort and time you put it into it, the more value you will obtain from it. It is designed to bring you closer to your practice and help you teach others about the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga.

    Elizabeth RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • This was an excellent course, very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. Mary did a wonderful job of designing and explaining a water-based yoga class that will enable so many more people to succeed at yoga with all its benefits than otherwise would. I am a YogaFit instructor and wouldn’t have had a clue how to transfer some of the poses into a water-based practice! So much great information, not just the moves but benefits and cautions; a great price, just excellent overall. Thank you, Mary!

  • It was a pleasure to attain my 200 yoga certification program from White Crow Yoga. Mary answered every question I had, gave me valuable feedback as well as links to additional resources. She was very supportive when I had some technical difficulties. The turnaround time for reviewing assignments was excellent. The quizzes and exams are comprehensive and provide a deeper, fuller understanding of yoga. I have been practicing yoga off and on for thirty years. Yet, I attained so much depth through the books, videos, practices and manuals. I very much appreciated learning how the poses support the functions of different organs, our mood as well as our emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. I felt each assignment provided me the opportunity to stretch my understanding as well as provide current and accurate information to my students. Also, everything I learn was relevant as I applied what I learned in my daily practice. Although, it is an online course, I felt I received an exceptional, comprehensive foundation to competently teach yoga. I would highly recommend this course to all those interested in attaining a strong and broad foundation to confidently teach yoga upon completion of this amazing training. Zulma

    Zulma Alverez Certified Yoga Teacher
  • If you are looking to have an incredible learning experience in the world of Yoga Therapy, instructor extraordinaire, Mary Irby, is your gal! Her vast knowledge of anatomy and how each muscle affects a person’s movement was astounding! She made sure that we finished the training with an abundance of knowledge and hands on experience so that we would feel confident in working with our own clients. Mary made sure that we had ample opportunities to assess the posture and health conditions of various ‘volunteers’ and then apply yogic principles and a multitude of therapies that we’d learned in order to help these folks heal. Each weekend’s lesson plans were well organized and the schedule adhered to. We covered an amazing amount of material during this 300-hour course. Just as I had felt after attending Mary’s RYT-200 teacher training program, I’ve emerged from her 300-hour yoga therapy training feeling extremely confident in my ability to proficiently and successfully work with any type of client who comes to me with physical pain and/or restrictions…and truly be able to help them! I’m so glad that I discovered White Crow Yoga when seeking out teacher training here in Nashville!

    PJ Olsen RYT-500 Yoga Teacher
  • I attended my first weekend of RYT-200 Gentle Yoga Teacher Training in Florida, October 24th & 25th with Dana Will as my instructor. I can not stop thinking about it, I felt as if I was on a retreat and I am so looking forward to my next class next month. I learned so much in just 2 days, she is a wonderful teacher. I feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to learn from her and her Yoga studio was so beautiful and relaxing. Thank you so much. Georgia Robertson

    Georgia Robertson 
  • I am totally thankful for the Aqua Yoga course. I enjoyed it a lot. I learned more and faster that I thought as it is well planned and its characteristics makes of it an invaluable peace of knowledge. I widely recommend this course as is really complete, the material (book and videos) are the right tool to learn and to find the confidence to perform and teach this practice. Thank you.

    Etlalticpactli Future Aqua Yoga Teacher!
  • It’s great to be able to learn aquatic yoga from home study, and I appreciate the manual and class video.

  • I’m writing to you as a recent graduate of your Yoga for Weight Loss (Y4WL) Teacher Training program. I took four months to complete this course so I could absorb all the information that was skimmed in my RYT-200 yoga teacher training. I enjoyed going deep into the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the chakra system, and mindfulness meditation. When I discuss the Eight Limbs of Yoga, I make sure to focus on Ahimsa: non-violence. As a yoga instructor, I watch my students to make sure they do not make the same mistake I did when I first started yoga which was to put my body in positions that it wasn’t ready for and thus caused injuries. I also discuss Ahimsa as it applies to our thoughts, we must take a non-violent attitude to our bodies. My Y4WL practice students were my mother and my sister. They enjoyed the workshop and requested a once-a-month session to stay on track. This will give me an opportunity to add a variety of meditation and affirmation sources. The yoga tools of movement and mindfulness work better than fad diets for weight loss. Sincerely, Susan Whitmer

    Susan RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Mary’s RYT training is the most thorough training I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Not only do you get the “nuts and bolts” of yoga but you walk away with more an arsenal of things you didn’t even expect; this includes a deeper spirituality, asana awareness, and a thirst for more. I know I will be coming back again and again to get training from Mary. She’s the real deal and is one amazing woman.

    Cynthia Beers E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher
  • I chose to pursue my RYT training with White Crow Yoga because I wanted to find a program that was both professional and accessible, and Mary and her team exceeded every expectation! They poured their vast knowledge and incredible passion for yoga into each lesson in a way that kept classes fun and engaging, and they created a warm, safe learning atmosphere that allowed me to take the chances I needed to grow and make the most of this opportunity. I am so glad that I chose this program. It has given me the skills and confidence to share yoga in a way that will honor students coming to sessions for a variety of reasons, and it has enriched my own practice with lessons that extends beyond the mat.

    Whitney Pierce RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • I appreciate you contacting me. I Loved the course and found the training manual clear and concise. I liked how you integrated the yamas and chakras into the class. I also use the yamas when going over cautions for my chair yoga classes. I enjoyed watching the video especially to learn how you applied the teaching tip section of the manual into the class. I learned some new teaching skills. Pool yoga uses a lot of the same poses as chair yoga especially with keeping the head on the same level as the heart. Instead of the pool wall we use the back of the chair as a prop. New to me was the use of noodles. I really like your teaching style.

  • I found the manual very helpful and also re-watched the video which has inspired new ideas. Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to do it from so far away too!

  • Thank you so much Mary – I enjoyed the online course. I appreciate all of your effort and your training!

    Kathryn W.
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful course! It was very informative!!

    The Satya Yogini Certified Yoga Teacher
  • This was the exact perfect experience I could have asked for. White Crow yoga is where I found my yoga tribe and the connections and knowledge that I gained in this program are irreplaceable. I truly feel like I am in a community of amazing teachers and learners who I will always be able to turn to for advice or guidance. The 200 hour program curriculum itself was also incredible. Mary was able to balance an intense focus on the 8 limbs and the spiritual/philosophical aspects of yoga while also giving us a top notch understanding of anatomy and asana to be able to be truly holistic teachers. After studying Indian religion in college then spending time in Chennai, one of my greatest complaints about the Western yoga tradition is that it has appropriated an ancient way of life into a fitness routine and a commodity; so many teachers do not have the ability or knowledge themselves to impart to their students the long history of connectedness and tradition that makes the practice of yoga what it is. White Crow Yoga is actively working against this problem, in my opinion. They are able to perfectly blend and teach a deep respect and knowledge for the tradition and lifestyle of yoga with the technical and physical knowledge to be successful as a teacher in a Western context. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, but particularly to those who embrace yoga in its fullness, as a way of life, and who hope to have the skills and knowledge to teach that approach to others. Hands-on assists and modifications were also central to our learning and for the reasons stated above, this was incredibly important and valuable to me. Yoga is not supposed to be about the youngest, most nimble person in the room who can do the best impression of a pretzel and that is what it is becoming in our context: an exclusionary and elitist club for the young and fit (and I say this as a relatively fit 24 year old). Being taught hands on assists, modifications, and an enormous amount of prop work allows me to teach to all of my students, regardless of their ability, strengths, or weaknesses, and include them in an asana practice that is just one avenue by which they can practice the expansion of their breath and mind. Again, not enough praise for this company, curriculum, those who dedicate their lives and work to running it, and to all the beautiful souls who have found this place because of a shared desire to delve into the fullness of all that yoga

    Jaime Zito RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • I frequently refer to the White Crow aqua yoga manual and the DVD to refresh the principles of adapting yoga to the water. It seems something new pops out each time I do this….be it some slight detail or cue I missed before. My students are benefiting from your expertise and I am very grateful that you share your teachings so generously. Many thanks, Michele Purdy (Ontario Canada)

    Michele Purdy Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I had chosen to attend the yoga certification on the recommendation from a friend. This was such a wonderful experience. I had to do the distant learning option due to being a few states away, I never felt like I wasn’t part of the school. Mary does a phenomenal job of making you feel confident in your course materials and work. She was such a joy to work with throughout this process. Having reaching and yoga experience already under my belt, I felt like this was the best option for me to expand on my practice. White Crow has really put together a well rounded program. I am beyond satisfied with my training bad may look into adding some more courses to my current certification.

    JenniferCotton Certified Yoga Teacher
  • My name is Christy Callender, I have just completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training. I did the distance course, however it felt more like she was just down the street because Mary Irby was always right there by my side to help me along the way. I chose this program at first because of the price then fell head over heels in love with white crow yoga. Taking the course here has already changed my life for the better and I just became certified. I will definitely be obtaining more certifications from here as I further my education through white crow yoga. This program is by far the very best out there. Mary Irby is an absolute angel and will walk you through anything you get stuck on. Thanks so much and I can’t wait to visit Nashville as soon as I can.

    Christy Callender Certified Yoga Teacher
  • I wanted to be sure and let you know how much I have enjoyed Linda’s class. It was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a yoga teacher or in learning more about yoga in general. The materials were in depth, the videos and activities did a great job of supporting the theory and practice and of course, Linda is a terrific teacher. I started the course thinking it would only involve the yoga postures and physical aspects of yoga. What I received instead were great lessons in yoga philosophy, meditation, chakras, and the business of yoga in addition to the physical aspects of practice and teaching. Linda’s preparation each weekend was tremendously detailed and well thought out. She kept us actively involved in each lesson and challenged us through class discussion, teaching practice and the various learning activities. I gained so much more than I ever imagined from the class just as a yoga practitioner, and I have confidence that I can take the many lessons I’ve learned and apply them to the classes I develop and teach. I think Linda does a fantastic job and I feel very fortunate to have had her as an instructor.

    Bari Hatheway RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • I picked White Crow Yoga for my RYT200 program for several reasons – – • Taken from Mary once before for a weight loss for yoga program CEC • Schedule/flexibility/value of the program based on others I looked at • Location These items are easy to research and look at and base your decision on – – – but what I didn’t realize after taking the RYT200 was how prepared I was to actually teach and the knowledge I gained. I am certified in a lot of different areas and many are a one day or a weekend program and you get what you pay for. Obviously this is 200 hours….but I feel like I got 400 hours worth of knowledge and always more to grow on and learn from. Many of my continuing hours will be through White Crow…I know I will be getting a great value and a basket full of knowledge to actually use in my classes and in life. Thank You Ginna French DuRard

    Ginna French DuRard RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • The Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is awesome! Lots of details for every stage of pregnancy, great explanation of every pose and of the necessary modifications for the expectant moms. I also loved the attention given to the psychological aspect and the importance of pranayama.

    Valerie Prenatal Yoga Teacher
  • I recently completed the distance Aqua Yoga Certification program after enjoying a local aqua yoga class taught by a friend who went through the program. As a newly certified yoga instructor, this fit in perfectly with the population I teach – seniors and beginners. At first I worried about getting all I needed from a distance course, but the manual was thorough and comprehensive; adapting traditional yoga poses to water classes and reviewing yogic history, philosophy, and ethics. The sample DVD class puts it all together. I felt I was able to create a high standard class as a result of the video demonstrations and cueing advice. I loved Mary’s positive energy and gentle style, combined with her shared experience and knowledge. As a yoga teacher working with fellow seniors, I found The White Crow Aqua Yoga program both inspiring and insightful.

    Darren - Camp Hill, PA Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • A very enjoyable process. I am designing a class for the prestigious Fairmont Hotel and Spa. You can google Claremont Hotel and see where I work. Permission granted for anything you need. Thanks for creating the aqua yoga. Bravo!

    Shelly Ross
  • The Intro to Yoga Therapy program was great. It taught me how to assess a client and gave me a great start on learning how to create an individualized plan for each person. It also gives nice detail on knee pain and shows you how the program can be different based on the specifics of the pain. The best part is that you feel you understand how to research and build plans for different conditions.

    Michelle E Yoga Therapy Student
  • Thank you so very much for the feedback. I truly enjoy teaching yoga and can’t wait to do an aqua yoga class. Your feedback is so very helpful. It’s specific and encouraging. I appreciate the information about the neck extension. I’ve never heard that it is more of a neck extension. It really is, isn’t it?! I certainly see that point and will keep it in mind as another wonderful piece of information gained from this class. I will continue to keep an eye on your site to see if you’re ever doing something close to me in North Carolina. I would love to be in your presence as you teach this class.

    Kay Aqua Yoga Student
  • Jill provided a comfortable, open-minded, and creative learning environment for our RYT200 class. She was diligent in her teaching style and great at keeping us on track and answering any questions we had! Her email reminders were always thorough and it made it very easy for us to stay connected to the group. Bette was such a great assistant. Always prepared and thinking ahead on how she could help and add to the group. Class would not have been the same without her.

    Carrie Dunn RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • I had a very pleasant time throughout the process of obtaining my ryt200 with White Crow Yoga. The lead instructors were very patient and answered all my many questions without any judgment. They made me feel safe and shared their own personal stories, tips and experiences.

    Savannah Taylor RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Enjoyed the course, very informative reference manual, great to see both land based and water poses included, the demonstration video was great assistance, thanks very much

    Michelle Aqua Yoga Course Purchaser
  • I started Yoga Teacher Training with Dana in Fruitland Park in October. It has been totally life changing. I never realized how many different parts there are to Yoga and Dana takes the time to really let us learn and understand…The weekends go by so fast because I enjoy every minute of it! Dana is amazing! and I love the other girls in my class. I am so blessed to have found White Crow Yoga and Dana Will! Namaste, Barbie

    Barbara Sanwald Yoga Teacher
  • I had searched both in and out of town for a RYT 200 hour training. When I found White Crow Yoga and read the description of the training, I knew imediately this was the type of in depth training I wanted. I had been practicing yoga already and was looking for much more than a piece of paper stating I could teach. The curriculum outline was so exciting to me. Each month I looked forward to our training weekend. As others have said, we did start teaching that first weekend. The safety and support she provided literally broke the ice for all of us to get over our apprehension. It also was the catalyst for the bond we (students) would develop throughout the training. The materials covered exceeded my expectations of a 200 hour TT. Mary provided teaching skills to cover a wide array of classes we would teach. One thing that was exciting to me as a teacher, was the accessibility of the poses I would give my students through modifications, regardless of skill level. (One of the reasons I chose this training) I am currently teaching and MOST of the students I have come in are beginners who need modifications and encouragment. Mary’s compassionate style of teaching armed with safe modifications and transitions have been invaluable to me as I teach. We were presented with yoga philosophy and how to live our yoga ‘off the mat’. Our study of anatomy was so fun (hard to do) and thorough, especially for a 200 hour training. Finally, Mary’s gift as a teacher and educator and facilitator, is what made this training so amazing. She incorporated so many fun ways to teach the material to us, as well as guide us to connect with ourselves and what we can offer as teachers and to our own lives. Finally, finally but surely not last. I’ve never been surrounded by so many beautiful, safe, and encouraging women (there were no men in this particular training). They are also what made this training so amazing. Without a doubt to me, Mary seems to attract really special people and I am grateful for that.

    KristenLove RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • I’ve learned so much from this course and am so grateful to have had this opportunity! Honestly, my main intention was to deepen my own personal practice but in the process found that I enjoy sharing my practice with others, especially kids. 

    Thanks so much!

    Angela Rose-Ramirez Yogi
  • The class exceeded my expectations and my instructor Linda Jaeger was excellent. She loves what she is doing and it certainly is apparent with her program. She is an inspiration.

    Sarah Jane Pilgrim RYT200 Grad
  • Well written, obviously by knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Challenging, yet easy to understand and follow. Excellent! Looking forward to more courses!

    Cindy M
  • Mary Irby is an exceptionally gifted, knowledegable and devoted teacher and teacher trainer. Her passion, experience and knowledge are evident in her Aqua Yoga Teacher Training Program. Having completed the training, I have been able to teach what I loved doing. The training was invaluable to me as I learned about yoga, aqua fitness, and how to better my teaching skills. The online experience is wonderful, as it is available whenever I need it, in my schedule. Since completing the course and teaching Aqua Yoga, it has been a joy to see participants gain better balance, deeper breath, more flexibility and a lovely sense of calmness that Aqua Yoga can bring. The course is well rounded, well presented and a great value!

    Hope Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • The Intro to Yoga Therapy distance program was comprehensive, including assessment details, alignment, anatomy, and easy to follow manual. I have already applied this information not only individually, but in my teaching classes also. The exam was well structured, and an excellent review. I plan to continue more certifications through my positive experience with distance learning at White Crow.

    Mardi Williams Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you so so much for your thoughtful, kind, and helpful feedback! The Triangle pose is so true… I was reviewing it and see exactly what you mean… great tips! I really hope to offer Aqua Yoga this fall in my area. I feel it is so crucial for those with chronic conditions, elderly, and anyone intimidated by traditional yoga to embrace all the benefits of yoga and Aqua Yoga does just that. Deep gratitude for your beautiful teachings and helpful feedback!

    Denise Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I loved the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training course! There are a lot of photos and great descriptions of each pose, with lots of tips. It explains the stages of pregnancy and some of the “how’s and why’s” of what we should do in a prenatal yoga class. I now feel confident to welcome expectant moms into my regular classes and to start a prenatal program specifically for pre- and post-natal students.

    Erica T
  • I searched for a year to find the right yoga program because I wanted a school that focused on all eight limbs of yoga, not just the asanas. Within five minutes of talking with Mary, I knew White Crow Yoga was the program for me. Her knowledge and level of expertise is extraordinary and she is the sweetest, most supportive person you will ever meet. In this program, you will have fun and work very hard, but it’s worth it because you will gain a wealth of knowledge, not just a certificate. I feel so fortunate to have spent the last three months learning from Mary and I will definitely take more training courses from her in the future. If you are looking for a teacher training program or just wanting to deepen your own personal practice, I would whole-heartedly recommend Mary Irby and White Crow Yoga.

    Michelle Wilkerson RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Mary’s RYT training is the most thorough training I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Not only do you get the “nuts and bolts” of yoga but you walk away with more an arsenal of things you didn’t even expect; this includes a deeper spirituality, asana awareness, and a thirst for more. I know I will be coming back again and again to get training from Mary. She’s the real deal and is one amazing woman.

    Cindy Beers E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher
  • Thanks again for providing a wonderful training package that enables me to feel competent and confident to teach Aqua Yoga to my students.

    FindUrFlow Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • Thanks Mary I will definitely add these ideas to my class ! Always learning and growing! Love Yoga 🧘‍♀️Really enjoyed your course !

    Linmore3 Yoga Teacher
  • I am eternally grateful that I found Mary and White Crow Yoga. I was originally enrolled at a different teacher training program that was not the right fit for me, and by luck (and a google search) I found this program, and it seemed too good to be true. Now that I have completed the course, I can say that it was everything I hoped for, and more. The program is designed so well and so efficiently, that you will learn a tremendous amount of information without being overwhelmed. The amount of thought and care put into the curriculum was evident after the first day. I was nervous going into this, and I will say that after the first weekend, I was still a little nervous because I had no idea how I would absorb all of this new information. The way that each subject is taught continuously over each weekend, though, ensures that you will understand and retain everything. It wasn’t long before I was feeling very confident and supported from everyone in the group. Which was a GREAT group of women, by the way. I think that this type of inclusive program attracts people that are interested in learning how to teach for all the right reasons. Those that want to incorporate all 8 limbs of yoga into their teachings, and provide a judgment free place for ALL people to learn yoga. I could go on and on about why White Crow Yoga is so great, but I would end up writing a novel. I am a better person after taking this training, and It helped me to access a part of me I always knew was there, but didn’t know how to reach.. I know that with my education gained here, I will be able to help and teach others most effectively, and with all the teaching practice we get, I already feel at ease in front of a class. Thank you thank you thank you, Mary and White Crow Yoga!!

    Heather Lewis RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • The course has totally change my life. I am truly in love with Yoga! Dana is the best! Namaste.

    Barbara RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • I have been a water aerobics (AEA certified) instructor for many years, and have been interested in adding Aqua Yoga to my repertoire for some time. I am so glad that I found this on-line training program. I am somewhat familiar with land based yoga (starting my RYT-200 hr soon), but was never sure how to adapt land poses to the aquatic environment, and how to put them together into a class format. This training teaches over 50 different aqua yoga poses or movements that can be done in the water. The most valuable part of the training for me was the “Aqua Yoga Class Flows” at the end. They show how you can put all of the individual components together to form a cohesive class. Of course, I know that I can modify and create my own signature flows eventually, but I really appreciated the step by step examples of class flows. After taking this course, I feel so much more confident teaching Aqua Yoga to my population of students. Mary has also been a joy to work with throughout this distance learning course; she was always available by email when needed. Thank you Mary!

    Cheryl Urmy AEA Certified Instructor
  • Mary, I just wanted to thank you and your company, White Crow Yoga, for this amazing journey. I have transformed my life for the better and enjoyed each class. Dana is a wonderful and compassionate teacher. Thank you again for this life changing opportunity to become a better human being. Love, Light and Blessings. Namaste! Lisa

    Lisa RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • I found the resources that were available easy to access, easy to read, and very practical. I completed my 200hr YTT nearly two years ago and The White Crow Yoga program was very helpful in translating traditional land asana into water appropriate asana. However, I believe that had I not had the 200 hr foundation, Mary’s clear breakdown of the practice of yoga and proper alignment would have still been very accessible to me. Since going through the course, I have taught four classes in the pool and our numbers are growing each week–our members are loving the option to do yoga with the support (and challenge) of the water! I feel confident in my new skill set and am grateful for the manual that I will no doubt re-visit each week in class preparation. Thank you again, Jessica

    Jessica Hufnagle Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • Thank You, Mary! I really enjoyed the course. It was great to have both the written and video materials; they complimented each other nicely. Much gratitude to you for creating a course that will help many Yoga Teachers and Prenatal Yoga Students. Namaste,

    Jeness Cunningham Certified Yoga Teacher
  • I have so many good things to say, I don’t know where to begin! Jill and Bette were wonderful teachers! So kind and caring! Taking this class was one of the best decisions I have ever made! This was just what I needed in my life. It got a little rough through the middle, with all the learning and a little overwhelming, but I hung in there and made it! I feel as though our group became very close and all the friends I made as a result are very dear to my heart. I believe we will stay in contact for years to come! Now I am so happy that I will have my teaching certificate and be able to teach yoga. I would highly recommend the yoga teacher training at White Crow Yoga!

    Rochelle RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Given the popularity of aqua fitness classes and yoga, it is mind-boggling how little information exists about aqua yoga! I was very excited to find this extremely affordable online course – as far as I know, there is no other online aqua yoga training available. Aren’t we lucky, then, that the one course we have available is such high quality – it consists of a very comprehensive manual and an online video demonstrating an aqua yoga class. The quiz really helps you learn the materials, and you can retake it without having to pay an additional fee, like with some online aqua fitness courses. Mary follows up in email and is very friendly and approachable. I was able to take some of the postures and movements from the course and incorporate them into my hybrid aqua aerobics/yoga class immediately! If I had one suggestion for future courses, it would be this: I love the manual – it is high quality and focuses on substance and not fluff – and goes beyond just an overload of bullet points (some aqua manuals/ebooks are not that well-written). But it would be even better if Mary recorded some audio or video lectures explaining the materials as well. I love reading but it is always great to hear a lecture too. Thank you for the great course and I will be getting more courses from your website!

  • I researched exhaustively to find the right yoga school for me to obtain my RYT 200. Since Western medicine and culture has finally caught onto the power in the ancient healing of yoga, everywhere I turn it seems, a yoga studio or school is popping up to train teachers. For me, my training with Mary Irby’s White Crow yoga was specific; she provided the rudiments of the ancient practice but gave me very targeted instruction based on my interests and strengths as someone who was already a certified yoga instructor. To me, my experience was very individualized. She cared about the populations I would be teaching and helped me develop specific skills to address those students. I compare it to the difference between shopping at Home Depot-where one is a number and personalized attention and individual time is limited-to shopping at an independent hardware store. Mary invested in me with great care, unsurpassed expertise and experience, and a passion and love for yoga that is contagious. As an aquatic fitness instructor, an added benefit for me was to train with Mary because she too is an aquatics instructor and knows how to make aqua yoga available to populations who want to practice in the pool. In this medium, yoga opens up to those who love water and who cannot get up and down readily from the mat. I know of no other yoga school where the yoga instructor knows both yoga and water the way Mary does.

    Teresa Sawyer RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Mary’s training was exactly what I was looking for. We delved into the physical aspects of poses as well as yoga philosophy and how to live the 8 limb path. Mary has to be one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and she made the training fun and entertaining by her sense of humor, as well as turning some of the activities into games. I feel knowledgeable and confident in what I have learned and feel prepared to be a yoga teacher!

    Jessica Tutino E-RYT200 Yoga Teacher
  • White Crow Yoga was the perfect program for me. In my heart, I felt that yoga was much more than just a physical practice. I wanted the whole package and that’s exactly what I got! I learned how our physical being is only a component of the whole person. It’s also about our emotional and spiritual wellness. Mary Irby has developed such a well-rounded teacher training. She truly cares for her students and wants them to excel and understand all aspects of yoga – from yoga anatomy to the chakras to a variety of meditation styles. After completing my RYT-200, I feel assured that I am prepared for whatever path I chose to take on my yoga journey. Thank you Mary and White Crow Yoga for believing in me and equipping me with the tools I will need to move forward confidently! Suzy Hopkins, RTY-200

    Suzy Hopkins RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Your class/workshop at Banbury Hotsprings in Idaho was wonderful.......heart opening, educational and inspiring. You have a gift to teach and I am grateful I was able to attend your workshop. I learned so much more about my practice/future teaching from you. I hope to take another one of your classes/teacher training in the future! Thank you for traveling all this way to touch so many people's lives.

    Amanda Hancock Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I just completed the 200-hour CYT training through White Crow Yoga and I have to say it was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a distance learning program. I have taken other online classes but was not always sure that I had the teacher’s attention. Mary Irby is absolutely remarkable at being available to you and attentive to your needs. The course materials were very conducive to learning remotely and covered all of the topics in a land-based program. White Crow Yoga gets an A+ for putting together such a useful program.

    Judith Certified Yoga Teacher
  • I absolutely loved this online course. I am a certified water fitness instructor but I am new to all things yoga. This was a great introductory course for me and well worth the time and money. It gave me a basic foundation and after reading the manual and watching the video I feel ready to teach my first aqua yoga class. I could not ask for a better resource and Mary was always available to answer any of my questions. Thanks again for a great educational certification that has so many great practical applications!!!

    Kristin Hoffman New Yogi
  • Thank you for a well written text, fantastic video and open communication via email with your very reasonably priced aqua yoga teacher training program. The program is well rounded, addressing not only yoga theory, but a bit of anatomy, aqua fitness principals, differences in varying populations of students and asanas. I absolutely love aqua yoga and your course has helped me gain confidence to teach what I love! Thank you! You exemplify what is great about yoga.

    Hope Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • She is very supportive in your learning process. She ensures that the syllabus is followed and that you are aware of where each lesson falls in each category. She is hands on and is also available anytime that you need her via Skype or email. She really knows how to actually teach not just do yoga. I am planning on taking more classes under her as it was such a great experience. This class really changed my life! I would recommend this school to anyone and actually have. She also has academic degrees in anatomy and I felt like I learned a lot in that area too.

    Bertena Varney CYT200 and RYT200 Grad
  • I’m a single mom, I have a lot of challenges in life but because I have children that looks up and depend on me I need to teach them how to be a great warrior in life, by continuing doing good and right thing in life and by embracing education. I need a job that I love to do and helps people. I am so blessed to found White Crow Yoga. With their Long Distance Online Course my dream to be a Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher came true. Ms. Mary Irby is a woman with a golden heart and her White Crow Yoga is a miracle! I give 5 stars all in all = )

    Christine Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you for adding the spiritual aspects of yoga into the Yoga for Weight Loss program. I took my Yoga Teacher Training last summer and the instructors had just enough time to touch on the spiritual, we spent most of our time talking about alignment. I feel like this is a continuation of my Yoga Teacher Training. I plan to never stop learning!

    Susan Whitmer Yoga Teacher
  • The aqua yoga course is a fabulous program for home study. Even if you don’t plan on teaching straight aqua yoga, you’ll come away with lots of ideas for creative cool downs for your more traditional aqua class.

    Abagail Aqua Professional
  • This class has already made a difference with some of my regular students! It gave me tools to notice root chakra issues and helped me to help them through the use of bolsters they’re learning to trust themselves and it’s the first time this particular student has been able to do a back bending pose without nausea, it’s a mild back bend, but she was over the moon! This course has opened me up to so many more books and I’m reading like crazy! Thanks again and I’ll be back for more learning, maybe even in person one day!

    Heather's Lake Yoga Yoga for Weight Loss Student and Yoga Teacher
  • The RYT 300 teacher program is a comprehensive teacher training that helps to strengthen my RYT 200 skills and further allows me to explore anatomy to gain a better understanding of my own body as well as those of my students and clients. I've never had a teacher so hands on as Mary who has both a spiritual and physical understanding of the material she teaches.

    Liz Gomez RYT200/300/500 Graduate and YTT
  • I had a wonderful experience with Mary’s Water Yoga teacher training program. The materials were very clear and comprehensive and extremely applicable to any Water Yoga class. My students are enjoying their classes and the class size is growing each week. I earned my 200-hour land-based Yoga teacher training and am currently in the 500-hour program. Mary’s written Water Yoga teacher materials plus the local training that I received from an experienced White Crow water Yoga teacher provide very valuable information that I apply towards EVERY Yoga class I teach. I highly recommend the White Crow Water Yoga teacher training program.

    Lee Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • The Prenatal Yoga Training was great! Coming into this training with no substantial knowledge of pregnancy, I feel it answered any questions I had. I feel I have a better understanding of what mothers-to-be may be experiencing physically, mentally, and spiritually and I feel confident teaching a prenatal class.

    Davison Fox Certified Yoga Teacher
  • I would whole heartedly recommend Mary Irby and White Crow Yoga if you are looking for a teacher and school to further your understanding of what Yoga is no matter what your goal is- if its teaching, or if it is just because you have heard some fancy terms used in a yoga class and you want to know more about what they are saying. Mary’s school is the perfect fit in my opinion for anyone- from the experienced yogi, to the new/beginner yogi. Not only does she give you the information you need to be a great yoga teacher, but I think you’ll find that through her teaching, the philosophy, and the overall curriculum, that not only will you have what you need to teach, but it will make you grow in ways you cannot imagine. Overall the experience was a life changing experience, I believe that going through this training will not only make my relationships with others grow, but also my relationship with myself. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for the experience and how life altering it was!

    Chloe RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Summer of 2016 I began looking into yoga instructor schools and after examining options in my area I chose White Crow. My primary motivation was that I needed the 200 hour certification to offer yoga as an adjunct service to the trauma survivors who form the base of my psychotherapy practice. After the first weekend I discovered that yoga is so much more than the synchronization of breathe and movement. I discovered that yoga is a lifestyle that is lived off the mat. I discovered that yoga is not just a complementary therapy to traditional talk therapy, it is my passion. For the first time in my life I found a reason to want to learn about bone structure, muscles and joints. I found my people. The teaching style and learning environment were always based on respect and compassion for one another and self. During the training I broke my foot requiring surgery which resulted in missing one weekend. When I returned to class I was still limited in my mobility but the instructors and fellow students quickly responded with modifications and assistance. On a five star scale, WHITE CROW earns 5 STARS !!!

    Sherry Walker RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • It was great to both have a routine to follow online and have a manual with photos all of the different poses. It was very easy for me to put together my own routines after taking the online class. There aren’t a lot of fitness certifications offered in my area. When my gym wanted to add Aqua yoga, I was able to complete the course in a short period of time so that I could teach the class. Reasonably priced and easy to follow. Would recommend for anyone looking for yoga certifications.

    Kimyorda Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I just finished the Aqua Yoga Course online and was very satisfied with it. This course helped me to deepen my yoga practice and teaching. It also gave the skills necessary to teach Aqua Yoga with confidence. The manual is very friendly and easy to follow. In addition, having the course online, makes it more accessible and flexible to complete the training at home. I really loved and highly recommend it

    S Alexa Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I have to say I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this program. I was a beginner in yoga and hadn’t put very many hours into the practice, so I was nervous that it would be too difficult for me. Thankfully, it was the complete opposite! Mary did a wonderful job starting with the basics and working her way up with information. I felt like the program was geared toward everyone and it didn’t matter if you were advanced or a beginner. She did a very good job teaching us the history, so we knew where yoga originated from and how we can apply that information into our classes. Mary also put a lot of emphasis on anatomy and how the body moves to accommodate specific poses. I loved getting to know the girls I was in class with and am so thankful that the environment was comfortable enough to allow us to get connected. I feel very prepared to go out and start teaching or to simply better my daily practice. I plan to complete my next trainings with Mary and can’t wait to continue to learn all the information she gives. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is considering it!

    Lyndsey Hertzberg RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you so much for such a thorough course and information! I have been a swimmer all my life and I have taught swimming and swim instructors for years. I very much enjoy land yoga and the exercise/stretching it allows, but this Aqua Yoga is a marvelous supplement to it all. I am very appreciative for you and your program.

    Donna Rhoads Swim Instructor and Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I am a land based yoga teacher with over 10,000 hours of experience. I found the yoga theory portion of the course an excellent concise summary. The aqua yoga theory and practicum was also well written and presented. Overall, an excellent teacher training course.

    Andy Experienced Yoga Teacher
  • My experience with White Crow Yoga over the last ten months has been nothing short of amazing. Having Mary as a mentor has truly been rewarding. She has always been quick to respond to any questions (sometimes silly) I have had. This program is perfect for people like myself who enjoy and and are driven by distance learning. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is self-motivated and willing to take the time to sit and learn.

  • The course was everything that I was looking for! From the teaching video, to the very comprehensive manual, I was able to learn and take in so much. Mary’s feedback throughout the whole process made my learning experience very valuable and positive. I cannot wait to begin teaching Aqua Yoga for the senior citizens that I work with daily. Thank you for such a great class! It was well worth the time! Anybody looking to take their teaching from the land to water, or new to yoga instruction, this class is for all!

  • Thank you Mary for having the Aqua Yoga course available. I have been teaching Aqua yoga on my own for 2 months in my neighborhood swimming pool. My ladies all have some kind of injury or recovering from knee surgery. I took a lot of the land base yoga moves and made them water based. My ladies have seen such wonderful improvement from my class. Now I feel I can move to another level since I took your course and becoming certified

    Donna Klein Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • I have learned a LOT with this course! There is a lot to it and it makes you think about things differently. I feel this will be an awesome addition to my small town and especially for those with joint pain and that have a hard time with exercise in general. Thank you for your guidance throughout this course and I hope to stay in touch with you to continue on with this program and offering it to my small town in Illinois!

    Rebecca Sloan
  • This course was exactly what I had hoped for! The manual is very well written and contains an excellent review of yoga theory and basics. The pictures are really helpful, particularly in that you are able to see the poses both in the water and on land! I had been toying with yoga poses in the pool on my own and was so happy to find a course that I could complete online, as I am quite often traveling and it is hard to attend scheduled classes and workshops. Thanks for putting together a great course! Highly recommended for teachers wondering how to teach yoga that is accessible for a wide range of people who might not be comfortable in land based classes!

    Sophie Yoga Teacher
  • I look forward to sharing what I have learned with my many Arthritis class students. I love how the poses flow and address the need to be warm in the pool. Happy to find this course!

    Eugenie Aqua Arthritis Teacher
  • After taking my RYT200 training from Mary Irby, I would not have wanted to take my RYT300 Yoga Wellness training from anyone else. Mary’s teaching style and depth of knowledge, along with her intuitive abilities when it comes to the anatomy of the human body made this training positively entrancing. It truly has been a life-changing experience for me; one of the more important things I have ever done, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to learn from Mary.

    Nancy Harris RYT-500 Yoga Teacher
  • This training was everything I thought and hoped it would be. Making this type of investment can be a big leap of faith and I knew from the moment I met Mary that this is where I wanted to take that leap. I walked away with a strong, solid understanding and confidence in my ability to each all the styles of Yoga listed in the program description: (Multi-Level Hatha Yoga Class, Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga (appropriate for all levels, including seniors and those with certain health conditions), Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal and more.) Despite everyone’s panic, Mary had us teaching after the first few sessions and from that point on, the collective growth of this amazing group of women was really something special. I can’t speak highly enough of Mary’s approach and technique to teaching. She is truly a teacher for teachers. My favorite part of the program, and I know I speak for all the women in the program when I say, was the emphasis on the 8 limbs and not just asana. We spent a lot of time working through what it means and looks like to really live yoga off the mat and that is what made this such a transformational experience. I would recommend this program to absolutely everyone and anyone considering doing an RYT.

    Jessica Meyer
  • Thank you so much Mary! I absolutely loved your course you are amazing for creating this way of learning. I am very excited to start on this journey as a teacher ❤️can not thank you enough!

    Harmony Cunningham
  • Where do I even begin? My experience with Mary was above and beyond what I could have ever expected. I knew I wanted to find a yoga training program but was not ready to commit to a program until I found Mary and White Crow Yoga. During our first conversation I knew I had found where I needed to be. Mary’s approach to teaching is compassionate, deeply knowledgable, and challenging. I appreciated her desire to dig deep and answer any and all questions. There was no question too small or too big, Mary was going to help! The work outside of training kept me accountable and was extremely meaningful and went a long way in helping me gain a greater understanding of the material covered in training; it kept me motivated and learning! The small class size was important to me. We were really able to hear each other and develop beautiful friendships as well. It provided a space for individuality which I loved! The conversations and sharing and learning will stay with me forever. This was truly a beautiful experience and Mary is a beautiful teacher!

    Delia Parker RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you so much for all of the feedback. I will make sure to focus on each of the pointers you gave and really focus on my alignment and using props. I have really enjoyed this class and have learned a lot going through the class.

    Valerie Carter Certified Yoga Teacher

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You’ll be treated with respect and you’ll learn from humble teachers with compassionate hearts. No one will judge you or place any expectations upon you. We meet you where you are in your yoga journey.


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