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Welcome to White Crow Yoga!

Thank you for registering for White Crow Yoga’s CYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training program. You have selected a home study program, which means your materials will be shipped to you. Please make sure you have provided us with the correct shipping address. This is where your materials will be shipped, and if a student provides us with the wrong address, we can’t be responsible for the materials. Sorry, but we can’t replace or reship these for free, because these books are costly for us, so please make sure the address we have is correct. If you see there has been a mistake, please email to see if you can catch us before we ship your books.

Your materials will be shipped via US Postal Service and are usually shipped via Media Mail.

Please read all instructions for this course carefully. We know this is a lot of information, but 99% of your questions can probably be answered by thoroughly reading. However, if you still have questions after reading, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you. Thank you!

TIME TO COMPLETE: You have 12 months to complete this course. If you do not finish within 12 months, a fee will be assessed to re-instate your course.

HOMEWORK FORMAT: Please do not submit ANY assignments in a .pages or MAC format. All homework needs to be in PDF or a Windows format please.

Important Note! Please notice the gray or black arrows on the sides of the portal. These are part of the LMS plugin and they cannot be removed but are annoying. When clicking on content, scroll far enough away from them that you don’t accidentally click the arrow or it will throw you back to our home page. My apologies, but it is out of my control. Being mindful will resolve the issue. If you do get thrown back to the homepage, use your browser arrows or go to to see your course. You will still be logged in!

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