Sahasrara Chakra

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Sahasrara Chakra (7th Chakra, Crown Chakra)

As the name suggests Sahasrara Chakra (7th Chakra), commonly known as the crown chakra is located at the crown of the head. It is known as the seventh chakra and is like an energy vortex. This chakra acts as the link between your awareness as an individual and the divine consciousness in the cosmos.

Energy flow of the chakra

This chakra is aptly represented by the thousand-petal lotus. As in a lotus, all the petals are connected to each other at the center and then the center is connected to the stalk of the stem, so is with the crown chakra. You may be wondering how, but it is so easy to relate to the above lotus. All the thousand petals of the lotus chakra are the receiving points of the various nadis and the big and the small chakras that are situated in the different parts of the body. Each point receives as well as draws energy from the outer cosmos.

The energy or the prana thus received is then gathered at the center and flows down the main seven chakras to be distributed to the various nadis and the small chakras. The crown chakra is able to receive the positive energy only when all the seven chakras are in tune with each other and work at optimum level.

Colors of the chakra

The main color of this chakra is purple and in many cases white. The golden aura is very rare and can be seen in only the Lord and saints. In the balanced crown chakra, there is open mindedness, broad understanding and intelligence with thoughtfulness. You develop spiritual connection and have gained mastery over the desires.

On overworking chakra can cause you to over intellectualize things and you might be deviated from the path of spiritualism. While a misbalanced low energy, under working chakra makes you undergo difficulties in learning, making you materialistic, greedy, over dominating and have rigid beliefs.

Yoga and chakra balance

Yoga asanas that can help in opening up and maintaining the balance in the crown chakra are:

• Savasana or the corpse pose that is the best for balancing the crown chakra as it helps to calm the mind and the chakra. Try to relax both the mind as well as body, allowing the energies to move freely inside and outside the body.

• Ardh Padmasana or the half lotus position can be practiced if you are unable to perform the full Padmasana or the full lotus position. This asana is the best for meditation and beej chanting (seed mantras).

• Sirhasana or headstand can be a difficult posture and should be learned from a competent yoga teacher. This pose is very beneficial for the crown chakra.

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Author: Anita Choudhary

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