Tirumantiram Tantra 3 Verses 553 & 554 – Yamas and Niyamas

 In Niyamas, Thirumoolar, Yamas
The wisdom shared by Thirumoolar in the Tirumandiram, Tantra 3 correlates to the 8 Limbs. Verses 553 and 554 are below. It is interesting that some yogic scholars have classified 553 and 554 as being correlated to the Yamas. Even though Niyama is mentioned, we can see that mentions ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truthfulness), asteya (non-stealing), although not with those words. l 553:
Perform Niyamas Always
“The heavens may torrents pour
In directions eight;
Yet perform the holy niyamas”
–Thus spake the Lord of matted locks, cool and coral hued

To the Sages Four, in devotion immersed.

554: Ways of Niyama
He does not kill, he does not lie, he does not steal;
Of marked virtues is he; good, meek and just;
He shares his joys, he knows no blemish
Neither drinks nor lusts

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