Tirumantiram Verse 506 and 549 Thirumoolar Lineage

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There are over 3,000 verses in the Tirumantiram and several of those refer to the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Verse 506 and 549 mentions the Yamas (Iyama) and Niyamas.


Verses 337-548 are part of Tantra 2. This Tantra (chapter/book) focuses on Shiva’s glory and Divine acts.

506: Do not Give to Those Who Have no Love for God

 Give only unto those

Who follow the way of Yoga, Iyama, and Niyama,

And who adore Lord, in constancy abiding;

To give those who have no love for God,

A heinous crime, indeed it is.


Verses 549-883 are part of Tantra 3. This Tantra (chapter/book) focuses heavily on Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga


549: Difficult to Expound is Science of Yoga


Of difficult vast to expound

Is the Science of Breath;

Closing nostril alternate

And counting time in measure appropriate

Thus did Nandi reveal at length

The eight-fold science of yoga great–

Iyama, Niyama and the rest.

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