Balancing Chakra 6

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Did you know our Ajna Chakra is a powerful source of intuition and can enhance wisdom? Let’s look at some simple ways to work on balancing the Ajan Chakra (6th Chakra).

Chakra 6, known as Ajna, is located between the eyebrows. It is associated with the element of light, and functions in wisdom. Central issues of Ajna include intuition and imagination. Purple is the color of this Chakra. Below are ways to work on balancing our 6th Chakra!

#1 Asanas
Work on headstands, eye movements. and balancing poses. During meditation, focus on the third eye and balancing it with affirmations. Candle gazing meditation and alternate nostril breathing is also beneficial.

#2 Get Outside
The “food” associated with this Chakra is light, so go outside and soak up that sunshine! Feed yourself the gift of light by taking a walk, reading in a park, or anything that gets you fresh air.

#3 Cut Out the Daily Drama
It is easy for us to get caught up in the little things that happen to us during our day, but we shouldn’t give little things big thoughts. By letting go of unimportant things, we develop greater mental clarity that helps balance our Chakra.

#4 Trust Your Intuition
Many times we know the outcome of a situation without any evidence – we just know. We receive ideas from our intuition and often dismiss it because it is not visible. When your intuition is right, make note that your senses led you in the right direction and reinforce our sixth sense.

#5 Alone Time
Many of us find ourselves constantly working, socializing, or doing something that involves lots of noise. Take time away from all of that and spend it by yourself. Quiet space creates a chance for a deep meditation, which is where we need to be to work on our 6th Chakra.

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