Balancing Chakra 1

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Let’s explore Chakra 1 and review some quick tips to balance the Muladhara Chakra.

Chakra 1 is known as Muladhara and is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is about grounding, survival and self-preservation and it is associated with the Earth element. The goals of this chakra are stability, grounding, and physical health. The right associated with Muladhara is the “right to be here.” If we become excessive in this chakra, we may experience heaviness, obesity, sluggish monotony, and materialism. However, being deficient in this chakra is just as problematic, as we may experience frequent fear, lack of discipline, restlessness, and spaciness.


Let’s explore a few practices and lifestyle habits that may help us keep a healthy, balanced root chakra.

#1 Practice Grounding Yoga Poses

Grounding yoga poses root us into the ground and help us feel stable and connected to the earth element. Try Garland or Mountain Pose and become aware of the feet grounding down into the earth.

#2 Wear Red/Black

We often think of red as the only color associated with the root chakra, but black can also be very grounding. However, don’t overdo the color black, as it can lead to depression or sadness. Find that happy medium!

#3 Hug a Tree

Yes! There is a story of German’s who did not want to hug the tree, but ended up loving it. Trees are a great representation of stability, which is important to people who live in Chakra 1.

#4 Seva

Seva is the act of a selfless service. A specific example would be feeding people. In Seva, it is important to remember that your actions are meant to help others without expecting anything in return. It calls upon our hearts to give.

#5 Basti (Enema)

Practicing Basti, which is considered a Toxin Cleansing Therapy, can be rejuvenating and help balance the state of our body.

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