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Did you know that Chakra 2 can wreak havoc on our emotions if it is not well balanced? Let’s review some simple steps we can take to stay in our emotionally happy place!

Chakra 2, known as Swadhisthana, is located at in the lower abdomen, sacral area. Swadhisthana is about harmony, friendships, relationships, and community. It’s also associated with the water element. Some functions of the 2nd Chakra include creativity, procreation, and emotions. Goals are fluidity, pleasure, healthy sexuality, and feeling. When in this Chakra, we may have an attitude of “let every day that I live be different from all of my other days.” If we become excessive in this Chakra, we may be overly emotional, have poor boundaries, and have obsessive addictions. However, being deficient could cause frigidity, impotence, emotional numbness, or fear of pleasure.

Let’s explore a few practices and lifestyle habits that may help us keep a healthy, balanced root chakra.

#1 Crying
Crying can be a good release for the second Chakra (along with the first Chakra). It release any built up tension or emotions trapped inside our tissues.

#2 Swimming
Considering the second Chakra is correlated to the water element, swimming would be a great way to work on balancing this chakra.

 #3 Crystals
Taping crystals to the body or in the naval, which is in the same area as this Chakra, can help balance it. Orange Calcite is one crystal that would be beneficial in this practice.

#4 Avoid “pushing” while urinating
Your muscles are not designed to working this way, which could cause incontinence over time. Just relax.

#5 Hip Bath
The bath water should be cold, as cold water drains the blood inward. Water opens the 2nd Chakra and also helps you relax.

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